Prince Sign 'O' The Times DVD

Prince Sign 'O' The Times DVD

Prince Sign 'O' The Times DVD

Genre: Music and Performance
Rated: M
Running Time: 85 minutes

The Grammy Nominated Album of the Year

The "Sign O The Times" album represented the pinnacle of Prince's career, with its blend of songs and music styles.

On its original (cinematic and video) release this film was more or less declared to be the "Greatest Concert Film" ever made. Prince and his 1987 entourage whiz, slide, jump and bounce around the stage during the collection of 14 classic songs. Having recently ditched his Revolution band the year before, fans are treated with an introduction to new sidekicks and cohorts, with Shelia E now on drums, Boni Boyer on keyboards and supporting vocals and the frenetic Cat (Glover) providing enough bump and grind for everyone.

Digitally remastered and Mixed into Dolby Digital 5.1 format, this is an essential collectable for Prince fans that be will sure to give your surrounds and sub woofer a good work out.

Prince Sign 'O' The Times
RRP: $19.95