Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse

Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse

Beef dry aged in-house with Himalayan Pink Salt adds unique flavour dimension for Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse

Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse releases its custom-made dry-ageing cabinet taking pride of place in its open-view kitchen, offering diners a choice of prime and premium beef cuts characterised by a unique flavour intensity and tenderness. Imparting its own seasoning and key to achieving such a flavourful, buttery outcome is the fridge's Himalayan Pink Salt lining, specially sourced by the restaurant.

According to Executive Chef, Michael Smith, dry-ageing in-house affords greater control and enables the meat to be monitored throughout the drying process on a daily basis – allowing each cut to be brought to the grill at its optimum taste, texture, and tenderness. The use of Himalayan Pink Salt takes the flavour to the 'next level'.

"We're dry ageing our primal beef-cuts, some of which on the bone, - such as striploin, rib eye, cube roll, and porterhouse – as well as our premium Wagyu and Kobe beef, "says Chef Smith.

"Obviously the prime cuts are aged over a longer period with tenderness in mind, but even aging the juicier premium cuts for a few days in this way imparts an amazingly rich and intense 'meatiness'."

Chef Michael Smith says this is a difference that diners appreciate as they become more discerning and increasingly interested in the origins of what's on their plates. "Our patrons primarily want to know about source and process: where the beef has been raised and what has happened to it before it reaches the table.

"Our beef is ethically raised predominantly in the pristine pastures of Tasmania: free of hormones, antibiotics, and GMO. We also source our cuts from Rangers Valley and New England, NSW, as well as Queensland. The farms are audited by a third-party to ensure rigorous standards are met, and once it reaches us, diners can see for themselves exactly what happens to it."

Doing its own dry ageing process in-house, also delivers cost-savings to Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse and this is reflected in the reasonably-priced menu.

The bespoke Pink Salt dry-aging fridge was made exclusively for the restaurant by Brandon Hospitality Solutions, Moorabbin.

Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse also has an extensive wine list, with an Italian sommelier able to recommend optimum wine pairings to enhance enjoyment of each dish.