Prema Smith My Kind Of Love

Prema Smith My Kind Of Love

Australia's premier R&B sensation, Prema Smith, is back to steal your heart with his newest track, My Kind Of Love, the next chart-topping phenomenon hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed hit, This Is Me. With a radio presence that's already lit up the airwaves on powerhouses like KIIS - iHEART AUSTRALIA, THE EDGE/CADA ARN, GRAFTON 1047FM SRN, and SEA FM TASMANIA, you know this new release is poised for global domination. 

If you thought This Is Me was transcendent, brace yourself. Prema Smith has once again joined forces with Grammy-winning maestro Jackie's Boy, the genius behind chart-toppers for superstars like Justin Bieber, David Guetta, and Madonna. Together, they've crafted a modern R&B love anthem infused with the soulful, classic vibes that we've all been yearning for. With Prema's velvety vocals and evocative lyrics, My Kind Of Love is more than a song"it's an experience.

This track doesn't just get your foot tapping; it tugs at the heartstrings with lyrics that explore every nuanced facet of love. You don't just listen to My Kind Of Love, you feel it. As Prema himself puts it, this track is 'A simple old-school love song,' designed to foster a meaningful emotional connection with his ever-expanding fan base.

But the emotional power of My Kind Of Love isn't confined to love alone; it embodies the positivity that's become synonymous with the Prema Smith brand. The man isn't just a musician; he's a movement. He's a purveyor of positivity, promoting what he calls 'positive mindfulness' in a world that could use a lot more of it. This track is a melodious embodiment of Prema's mission to inspire and empower, a commitment so strong that it led him to establish Self Appreciation Day"a day dedicated to promoting love, self-respect, and mental health awareness.

With authenticity that appeals across all cultural boundaries, My Kind Of Love is a track that promises to not just climb the charts, but to also ascend straight into your soul.

My Kind Of Love
is at radio today and available to download 18th September 2023



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