Plus and Minus zero-alcohol Prosecco

Plus and Minus zero-alcohol Prosecco

Get your (Zero Alcohol) Sparkle on this 'Ocsober' with Plus and Minus Prosecco!


If you love to party with Prosecco but you're looking for a zero-alcohol alternative, then get your sparkle on with Plus and Minus Prosecco!  This delicious Prosecco is the latest addition to the popular Plus and Minus zero-alcohol range which are vibrant, full-flavoured wine varieties – minus the alcohol. 


"Prosecco continues to trend in Australia, as does the demand for great tasting zero alcohol wines and so crafting a zero-alcohol Prosecco was seemingly the perfect combination.  Plus and Minus Prosecco ticks all the boxes if you still want to enjoy a delicious Prosecco without the addition of alcohol," said Ross Marshall, general manager, Fourth Wave Wine.


Featuring delicious citrus and just-cut apple on the nose, Plus and Minus Prosecco has a softly effervescent palate that delivers a firm weight with great fruit flavour.  It has a touch of sweet fruit and a cleansing acidity on the finish.


"Whether you are looking to go sober in October, enjoy a cosy-up dinner with your partner, or a Zoom party with friends, Plus and Minus Prosecco is a great option.  It tastes great on its own or is a fabulous addition to a wide variety of cocktails, from zero-alcohol Aperol Spritz, to Margheritas and more," said Ross.


Irene Falcone, owner of alcohol-free drinks company, Sans Drinks says; "Prosecco is currently enjoying a bit of a moment. In the UK, Prosecco has been outselling Champagne, in fact, such is the thirst for Prosecco that it's become a bit of a lifestyle trend with Prosecco merchandise and even a Prosecco festival. It will be really interesting to see if this trend is adopted in Australia. As for non-alcoholic Prosecco – it's so exciting to see wine makers including this variety in their offerings."


To celebrate the launch of Plus and Minus Prosecco, Fourth Wave Wine has put together a '10 Fun Ways to Enjoy Prosecco' guide which is available for free download on the Conscious Drop website: – a website providing information and inspiration on wines to suit a variety of lifestyle choices.


Plus and Minus wines are hand-crafted using the highest quality grapes from premium, dry-grown South Australian vineyards.  This ensures the wine retains its vibrancy and full-flavour once the alcohol has been removed. The added ''Plus'' in Plus and Minus refers to the addition of grape-skin extract giving the additional benefit of all of the naturally occurring antioxidants normally found in wine. 


The Plus and Minus zero-alcohol range is available from major liquor retailers nationally RRP: $15.00 each.  For further information, visit: or follow Plus and Minus on Instagram @plusandminuswines.


Plus Side: (our take on a southside)

Ingredients :

30 mls Sugar Syrup
4 Mint leaves
30 mls pineapple juice
60 mls Plus & Minus Prosecco
Mint leaf to garnish

Method: Add sugar syrup, lime juice, mint leaves and pineapple juice into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice.

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass
Top up with 60ml Plus &b minus Prosecco
Use mint leaf as garnish





Plus and Minus Prosecco Scones. 


400g self raising flour

175 mls double cream

175 mls Plus and Minus Prosecco



Preheat oven to 180c and line a baking tray with paper.

Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl then roll out on a floured surface. Use a cutter to cut into 12 small scones

Bake for approx. 15 minutes then cool on a wire rack before serving.




Review: While it's an inital adjustment, not to have the aftertaste and zing of alochol, I really enjoyed Plus and Minus Presecco, it was easy to drink allowing me to not only be able to drive home and have a clear head the next day, but also not feel excluded from celebrations.