Phillippa's Handmade Festive Treats are Quintessentially Christmas

Phillippa's Handmade Festive Treats are Quintessentially Christmas

If you love your plum pudding and fruit mince pies the way nanna used to make them, your Christmas cake rich, moist and made to a family recipe and your gingerbread aromatic and spicy, then look no further than artisan bakery Phillippa's for your festive fare this Christmas. Renowned for using the best quality, natural ingredients and time-honoured, family recipes Phillippa's festive treats are quintessentially Christmas and sure to be favourites on this year's Christmas table.

"What I love about Christmas is the opportunity to create family rituals. I am thrilled that both my mother and grandmothers' recipes for Caramel Brandy Sauce, Shortbread, Christmas Cake and Mince Pies have become signature Christmas staples in so many families that love to gather and share good food," says Phillippa.

Can't choose which of Phillippa's Christmas treats you love the most? You don't have to with a range of premium hampers. Packed full of goodies, Phillippa's Christmas Hampers are a much loved gift for family and friends and also make the perfect corporate gift. Choose from the Festive Hamper at $65 including delicious Orange Nuts, Iced Chocolate Stars, Cranberry Shortbread, Mince Pies and Gingerbread Snowman.

Or take it up a notch with the Ultimate Hamper featuring Phillippa's entire Christmas range including Plum Pudding, Christmas Cake, a range of gingerbread treats, Raspberry Chocolate Brownies, shortbread and much more. Each hamper arrives beautifully gift wrapped making them the perfect Christmas gift.

Keeping the festive traditions alive has never been easier with Phillippa's Gingerbread House Making kits that don't compromise on taste.

For families that want to try something different this year, Phillippa's has created a Gingerbread Christmas Tree kit that can be used as a bonding activity to encourage teamwork for big and little kids alike. Find some eager participants, make a big batch of royal icing and let the festive fun begin.

Phillippa's distinctive gingerbread is handmade using freshly ground spices. Other gingerbread treats include Gingerbread Angels, Christmas Trees, Holly Leaves and Gingerbread Ornaments and Decorations you can customise and hang on your tree. Or if you want to bake your gingerbread at home, Phillippa's sells the cookie dough at the Armadale store.
Gingerbread House Kit $45 Christmas Tree Kit $37.50 Ornaments $24.90 Holly Leaves $14.50 Angel $8.90, Iced Christmas Trees 17.9

Christmas Cakes & Pudding
Keep Christmas traditions alive with Phillippa's Christmas Cake and Plum Pudding, made to a family recipe.

Phillippa's moist Christmas cakes are made with house made candied unwaxed orange peel sourced from the farmer's market, Australian dried apricots and vine fruit, candied fruit and local brandy. Made in August, they are aged and ready for the festive season. Make Phillippa's Christmas Cake your own by covering in a luxurious Almond Brandy Butter Icing or suggested decorations.
Christmas Cake 700g $35

Phillippa's signature Plum Pudding has a clean, aromatic flavour and light texture, perfectly suited to our hot climate. Made with Phillippa's house-made candied orange peel and full of Australian vine fruit, Phillippa's Breadcrumbs and plenty of brandy, Phillippa's Plum Pudding is delicious served flamed in brandy with whipped pure cream and Phillippa's Caramel Brandy Sauce.
Traditional Plum Pudding $49

Phillippa's Fruit Mince Pie
Phillippa's aromatic fruit mince is made with house-made unwaxed candied peel, organic Australian vine fruit, fresh premium spices and brandy all wrapped in a delicious short, buttery pastry.
Fruit Mince Pies (1/2 dozen) $17.90

This year, Phillippa's Armadale Kitchen will be baking a limited number of special fruit mince pies based on the official Buckingham Palace recipe and featuring a pastry crown.
$24 (½ dozen)

Phillippa Grogan's Christmas Baking Tips
Be aware of your oven temperature and be sure to reduce the temperature if you are using a fan oven. Check cookbook pages for guidance.
Check your tablespoon measurement. Australian tablespoons (20ml) are a different size to everywhere else (15ml) and this will affect your baking if your book is not Australian. Read the small print re measurements used in the book you are using
Use the best quality ingredients you can afford. This will make the quality and taste of your festive fare so much better and justify the investment of your effort.
Use a timer to avoid ruining your baking through incorrect cooking time. Be prepared to adjust times as required due to ambient or ingredient temperature variations, varied tin sizes or thickness of dough.
Use natural ingredients including butter, pure vanilla essence, good pure cocoa, real chocolate, fresh spices


Review: What ever age you age, get into the Christmas spirit by cooking one these delicous Phillippa Gingerbread Houses, comes with everything you need for great holiday fun and feasting.