Perfect Fruit

Perfect Fruit

Perfect Fruit

A delicious frozen fruit whip with less calories than an apple!

Move over -fro-yo', the latest craze in frozen desserts is set to sweep Australia with the launch of Perfect Fruit.

Made from 100% Australian fruit, Perfect Fruit boasts the creaminess of soft serve ice cream or frozen yoghurt, but is fat-free, dairy-free, and contains fewer calories than an apple.

Available in a range of delicious fruit flavours including strawberry, mango and mixed berry, Perfect Fruit can be enjoyed either on its own, or, for those a little more daring, customised with over four different mix and match toppings such as choc minis, butterscotch brittle, slivered almonds or muesli.

Sandra Pereira, Director of Marketing & Innovation at SPC, said: 'Perfect Fruit is a delicious and healthy alternate for all the ice cream and frozen yoghurt addicts out there."

'It's made using 100% Australian grown fruit which is whipped and frozen to produce a creamy texture but without the dairy or added cane sugar."

Perfect Fruit will be available at over 400 locations around the Australian Eastern Seaboard by Christmas, including theme parks, cinemas, schools, universities and petrol stations. RRP is $3.00 for a regular cup (148ml). Toppings are approximately $0.50 extra.

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