Patrón Paloma, the drink of summer

Patrón Paloma, the drink of summer

Patrón Paloma, the drink of summer

Tequila cocktails and long drinks are on the rise. The Margarita has already earned its spot as a classic on cocktail menus and now there's a new cocktail to try; the Patrón Paloma, which is much simpler, refreshing and just as Mexican.

In its most classic form, the Patrón Paloma is a mix of Patrón Reposado tequila, grapefruit, soda and lime. The grassy sweetness of tequila, the zesty bitterness of grapefruit, the thirst-quenching fizz of soda – there's no doubt that the Patrón Paloma is one of the world's best long drinks.

You can't go wrong with this classic recipe from the godfather of tequila, Patrón. Day or night, it's a refreshing and delicious drink that's the perfect way to toast the beginning of summer. Available this summer at venues nationwide including Banisters Hotels and North Bondi Fish in Sydney.

• 50 ml Patrón Silver tequila
• 100 ml Grapefruit soda
• 10 ml Fresh lime juice
• Lime wedge, for garnish
• Pinch of salt
• Salt Rim (optional)

Add all ingredients to an ice-filled highball glass and stir. Garnish

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