Otiuh Pour It Up

Otiuh Pour It Up

Following the release of the high energy 7-track EP La Festa, released last month, hip hop duo Otiuh share their new video clip for 'Pour It Up' which premiered last night via 6KMC. Filmed, directed, produced and performed independently (with help from Perth videographer Dylan Guy), Otiuh are the makers of their own hip hop fantasy. 


The lead single of their EP, 'Pour It Up' is inspired by the retrospect of a night out where you begin to question the world around you. In the verse: "Bunch of white dudes in the Ralph polo, did you even go out if you ain't in the photo?", solely highlights the sometimes superficial moments of partying. It's a collective moment that's been experienced by many; looking around on a night out and thinking "what the hell am I doing here?". The overall aesthetic of the video is perfectly set to track's satirical and bouncy mood. The track is also driven by a Mediterranean style guitar riff, showcasing the duo's widespread influences and distinct sound that separates them from other hip hop acts in Australia, of which is further explored in their EP. 


Due to COVID restrictions, the pair had to work within their limitations to produce a video clip that aided the track's narrative and vibe - and they have done just that. Filmed over the course of one weekend in Cesare Papa's backyard, the video itself acts much like an introduction to the EP as a whole. As Cesare says: "These restrictions made us do what we do best; make familiar, ordinary locations look quirky & psychedelic. It felt like the pressure was off on this one. We were the crew as well as the performers operating strobe lights and smoke machines, so we planned it to be as easy as possible for ourselves. We let our crazy ideas run wild, kept concept loose." 


The video also acts as an interlude between the two tracks 'Pour It Up' and 'Smoke Break' (feat. MALi JO$E); the clip features a performance-focused segment, tied in with a psychedelic mechanic scene where the specific transition takes place. 


"We wanted the music video to look how the music sounds; colourful, energetic, and not taking itself too seriously. Mali & Dylan's approach to videos are super natural; working with them on this one was a breeze. Things really did just fall into place on this one," continues Cesare. 


Following the release of their EP La Festa, the duo's track 'Pour It Up' was added to the new Spotify editorial playlist 'The Hybrid'. Their previous EP in 2019 Cold Recreation and their 2020 releases 'One For Me' and '21' saw the pair receive national recognition from tastemakers such as AUD$, NME Australia, Purple Sneakers, Pilerats, as well as being added to Apple's Music's The New Australia, MTV and rage and high reviews across triple j unearthed. The duo have also received airplay across triple's Home & Hosed, triple j Unearthed and support from a range of community radio stations including, FBi, RTRFM, Radio Adelaide and 4ZZZ.