Okkaido Croons No Filter

Okkaido Croons No Filter

Infectiously melding hip hop, funk and R&B, Sydney-based crooner Okkaido delivers on his new single 'No Filter ft. Sunee BOI'.


Driven by a boom-bap beat and flourishing with moments of hip hop, funk, electro and R&B, 'No Filter's message is right there in the title. Combating the constant dribble of inexperienced content on social platforms - ever more present in this new world - the track hopes for a more filtered online presence. Okkaido elaborates "I had always had the idea to make a song about social media, making it humorous and shine light on how ridiculous it has become. An expert in the modern age seems to be determined by the following you can acquire rather than the validity of your credentials."


Engrossed in poetry and armed with writing intricacies, Okkaido debuted less than 12 months ago with single 'Amanda Who' which has since amassed almost 250,000 Spotify streams. Then came follow ups 'Red Whine' and 'Flies' catching the eye of tastemaker Life Without Andy and helping him secure his first support slot opening for Steven.


With a deluge of music planned for release this year there's no better time to get acquainted with Okkaido.