Oh So Busy Mum Pork Sliders Interview and Recipe

Oh So Busy Mum Pork Sliders Interview and Recipe

Interview with Cheree Lawrence, Woolworths ambassador and Oh So Busy Mum blogger

Question: What originally inspired you to begin Oh So Busy Mum?

Cheree Lawrence: I started Oh So Busy Mum back in 2014 so I could share my easy recipes and travel tips with other mums.

Question: What did you learn about yourself through the creation of this blog?

Cheree Lawrence: I've learnt that it's easy to inspire other mums simply by sharing recipes and tips that work for me and my family.

Question: Where do you find inspiration when creating recipes?

Cheree Lawrence: My children. They are fussy and all like different things, so I have to get extra creative in the kitchen.

Question: Did your family love the new Pork Sliders recipe, you created?

Cheree Lawrence: The pork sliders are a regular in this household. It's something everyone will happily eat and come back for seconds.

Question: Can you share your top Winter lunch ideas for adults with us?

Cheree Lawrence: I'd have to say hearty Winter dinner leftovers that reheat perfectly the next day.

Question: How can parents create lunch-box friendly Winter lunch ideas?

Cheree Lawrence: With the use of a thermos, you can send warm lunches to school which is also great way to use up leftover meals.

Question: Why did you choose to become a Woolworths ambassador?

Cheree Lawrence: When Woolworths reached out for me to become an ambassador, I jumped at the opportunity because the Woolworths brand aligns perfectly with my blog and my audience.

Question: Why do you shop at Woolworths?

Cheree Lawrence: Woolworths is my local grocery store and I know I can shop the sales each week, and stick within my weekly grocery budget.

Question: Can you tell us about your 10 minute pork sliders recipe that can be made for under $20?

Cheree Lawrence: This is a meal that ticks all the boxes! It's family friendly, budget friendly and super easy to make. I picked something from the Woolworths "Simply Heat" range for Tuesday sports night because I only have about 30 minutes to prep dinner before I pick up my children from afternoon sports.

What I love about the Woolworths Simply Heat range is just how easy the range is to cook. Slow cooked pork would typically take a minimum of 5 hours, but with the Simply Heat range, I can pop it in the microwave for 8 minutes or heat it in the air fryer for around 25 minutes. The juicy pork pulls apart easily and it's tender just like it's been cooked for hours in the slow cooker.

Question: Can you share your 10 minute pork sliders recipe that can be made for under $20?

Cheree Lawrence:

Woolworths Fine Cut Coleslaw
Woolworths Simply Heat Wood Smoked Pork Shoulder with American BBQ sauce
2 packets of Bakery Du Jour Brioche Slider Buns

Heat pork as per instructions on the box.
Heat buns in microwave for 15 seconds to make them extra soft.
Assemble buns with pork and coleslaw.
Add the sauce that is included with the pork.
Serve with fries on the side.

Note: This recipe will make 12 sliders

Interview by Brooke Hunter