Nutri-Grain 4 Health Stars

Nutri-Grain 4 Health Stars

Nutri-Grain 4 Health Stars

Kellogg Australia announces that Nutri-Grain is changing for the better, with the introduction of a new and improved recipe, which has hit shelves.

Die hard Nutri-Grain fans need not worry; the cereal is just as delicious as it always has been. Kellogg's ensured that it still has the same moreish malt taste and great crunch that people have come to know and love at breakfast.

Made with a combination of Aussie-grown corn, oats and wheat, Nutri-Grain Original is now a source of fibre, and has less sodium and sugar than before.

Nutri-Grain wants to give young Aussies the fuel to live an unstoppable life and these improvements to the cereal will be a welcome addition to Aussie families who are seeking nutritious, tasty food that provides a satisfying start to the day.

The revamped recipe sees Nutri-Grain Original receive a 4 Health Star Rating under the Government's Health Star Rating System, and is part of Kellogg's vision to constantly look for ways to improve its products by giving consumers more of what they want, and less of what they don't. In fact, 70 per cent of the Kellogg's cereal range in Australia is 4 to 5 Health Stars.

Kellogg Australia's Director of Innovation Tamara Howe said the team has been developing the new recipe for the past 18 months, and the challenge was to perfect the balance of taste and nutrition that Nutri-Grain fans are so passionate about.

'Revamping one of Australia's favourite cereals was a huge task. We trialed many different recipes because we knew we had to get it right for Nutri-Grain fans," Howe said.

'We're excited today to be announcing this new recipe which not only tastes delicious, it's now a source of fibre, and has less sodium and sugar. We'd love for people to try it and tell us what they think on the Nutri-Grain Facebook page."

'As a mum, it's important to me that the cereal I give to my family not only tastes great, but also provides them with the fuel they need to start the day. We hope that other mums across Australia/New Zealand will welcome this change from Kellogg."

In the lead up to the release, Kellogg's shared the new cereal with Nutri-Grain lovers and did extensive product testing to ensure it remained true to the classic Nutri-Grain crunch and flavour. Almost 70 per cent thought the new food was better than they expected, while more than 90 per cent said they liked the taste.

The improved Nutri-Grain Original joins the recently launched Nutri-Grain Edge Oat Clusters, a brand new range of chunky clusters made with wholesome oats, wheat and nuts in three delicious flavours (Malt, Peanuts & Cashews; Tropical Blend & Caramelised Peanuts; Cocoa, Caramelised Peanuts & Almonds).

Launched in September this year, the new Nutri-Grain Edge is also 4 Health Stars.

RRP: $4.59 (290g) and $7.99 (805g).
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