New research Reveals Morning Moods and Behaviours

New research Reveals Morning Moods and Behaviours

Nutella's Limited-Edition Morning Mood Jars

You're either a morning person or you're not and according to new research commissioned by Nutella, our morning routine has a big impact.


The research investigates Aussies' morning moods to coincide with the launch of Nutella's limited-edition Morning Mood Jars and whether you're feeling cheeky, fabulous or even grumpy when you wake up, Nutella is there to add a touch of delight to mornings.


The nationally representative research revealed the following:


We're a lot happier in the morning than you think:


A third of the nation admit to feeling grumpy in the morning, but;
67 per cent of Aussies wake up in a good mood, be it happy (40%), loved (5%) or even inspired (6%) amongst other positive emotions. Interestingly, of those who wake up feeling grumpy, it is females (53%) who are more likely to be the grumpy one than their male counterparts (34%).
However, of those that answered they wake up feeling loved, it is more so females that wake up feeling loved (76% vs 24%).


Don't be fooled by our nation's cheery morning demeanour, we still find mornings tough:

28 per cent of us are setting more than one alarm just to wake up.
21 per cent of people are likely to have a bad day if they're woken up earlier than expected.


We have good morning habits but can't shake the bad:

28 per cent of us are going online to check email and social media as soon as we wake.
Exercise and meditation is acknowledged by 17 per cent of us as activities that will make our morning better, however only a tiny 4 per cent of us get out of bed to act on it.
On the up side, 39 per cent see the value of eating a delicious breakfast first thing in the morning.
72 per cent of Aussies will choose to eat breakfast at home before heading off on their day.


Which celebs do we think best suits which morning mood?
46 per cent of Aussies most associating our radio broadcasters with being grumpy (these include Kyle Sandilands, Alan Jones and Steve Price).
43 per cent liken Hugh Jackman with being legendary.
25 per cent agree Kylie Minogue is most associated with being loved. 


Nutella has released its limited-edition range of morning mood jars to help Spread that Morning Feeling. The nine unique labels have a mood to suit everyone including happy, smiley, awesome, cheeky, legendary, fabulous, inspired, grumpy and loved.


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