Nespresso Martini

Nespresso Martini


Clear your Friday night schedule as this is about to become your favourite, go-to cocktail recipe. Smooth, delicious coffee mixed with a punch of vodka, the Nespresso Martini is all you need for a perfect night in.

Original: Firenze Arpeggio 40 mL Espresso
Vertuo: Altissio 40 mL Espresso
60 mL quality vodka
15 mL quality coffee liqueur
5 mL sugar syrup
5 large ice cubes

1. Place ice, vodka, coffee liqueur and sugar syrup into a shaker
2. Extract coffee directly into the shaker as the last ingredient
3. Place lid on shaker and shake hard for 15 seconds
4. Remove lid and strain into a separate glass, discarding ice cubes
5. Add the liquid ingredients back into the shaker and shake vigorously to aerate the crema
6. Strain into a martini glass
7. Garnish with coffee beans, coffee grind or fruit zest

1. Make sure your coffee is the final ingredient to prevent the ice melting
2. The second shake without the ice, known as a dry shake, helps to aerate the cocktail and ensures classic frothy crema on top