Interview with Neo Stereo

Interview with Neo Stereo

Mark Cassius, the mastermind behind Neo Stereo, channels over 25 years of musical brilliance to craft a sound that's both intensely raw and passionately fervent, pushing the boundaries of contemporary indie pop rock music. Following the success of the hit single Bleeding Heart, Neo Stereo returns with Runaway, a compelling track from his highly acclaimed album Night Bird. Runaway is an evocative track that begins with haunting key sounds and rich vocal textures, gradually building with a slow, gentle intensity. The song incorporates a captivating hook synth line, while an electric piano introduces intriguing elements and recurring melodic motifs. This track generates a mood that is simultaneously melancholic and shimmering with alluring yearning. As it progresses, Runaway ascends to cinematic heights, reminiscent of a movie soundtrack, leaving listeners mesmerized by its emotional depth and subtle grandeur. Speaking about the song, Mark shares, 'I wrote the song after seeing multiple clips pop up on social media highlighting the disturbing state of homelessness in our community. It is about being scared and vulnerable but also being strong and independent and finding hope in everyday and building trust with people you may meet along the way.' From his base in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Mark has crafted a sanctuary for music production, where every note, lyric, and beat showcases his unwavering commitment to authentic, soulful music. Runaway is more than just a song; it's an immersive journey into the heart of an artist committed to the true spirit of music. Now available on all major streaming platforms, Runaway invites listeners to experience the profound emotions and powerful messages embedded in Neo Stereo's latest exhilarating work.


Interview with Neo Stereo

How would you describe your music?

Honest Pop Music

Can you tell us about (your new song/upcoming gig/video), what was the inspiration?
After seeing multiple clips pop on my socials I wrote this song (Runaway)highlighting the disturbing state of homelessness in our community, the song is about being scared 
And vulnerable but also being strong and independent and finding hope and building trust with people you may meet along the way.

What are you musical influences?
Over the years there have been so many musical influences from Rnb and Hip Hop to Rock and Metal,i have alway been open appreciate all styles of music.
I've realised at certain times in our life we require different styles of music to suite a situation we may find ourselves in.
Do you prefer performing live or recording?
I love being on stage and feeling the energy of the crowd but I have really enjoyed my time in the studio working on my Debut Album 

What should we expect from your upcoming shows?
No upcoming shows schedules yet

How did the band come together?
Neo Stereo came together after my band I was in for ten years collapsed, i found myself as the last man standing so I decided to push on myself as a solo artist
I took a few piano lesson and with my background as a drummer Neo Stereo was formed.

What motivates you most when writing music?
When I'm writing I'm always motivated by past life experiences and sometimes my mind may wonder to unusual places to come up with new song ideas.

Which music/artists are you currently listening to?
Im currently listening too The Paper Kites,Kings Of Leon and always Tom Petty
What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?
My inspiration for music was from a young age surrounded by older cousins right into music so this started me on my own musical quest,its now over 
20 years of writing performing and record music
If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?
If I could collaborate with any artist I think Dave Grohl would be pretty awesome.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the music industry?
I think any solo artist/singer songwriter faces so many challengers from booking shows to promoting your music and now theres so much social media 
That need to happen almost daily the lack time to do all these thing is the main the problem for me especially when there is free time. My main focus is sitting behind the piano and writing.
What's next, for you?

Aug 2024 new single out (Time Has Gone)
Aug 2024 Start recording New Album @The Grove Studios 
Oct 2024 new single out (Ballerina Girl)


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