Avalanche Armed to the Teeth interview with Veronica Campbell

Avalanche Armed to the Teeth interview with Veronica Campbell

Avalanche Drops High-Octane Single Armed To The Teeth, Poised to Ignite the Rock World

Prepare to be blown away by Avalanche's latest hard rock anthem, Armed To The Teeth. This track delivers an unrelenting blast of pure rock fury, showcasing Aussie rock at its finest. Featuring searing, explosive guitars, thunderous drums, and raw, unbridled dynamics, Armed To The Teeth is a high-voltage anthem that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. With its infectious and irresistible attitude, the track embodies the spirit of classic hard rock with a modern twist, marking Avalanche at their most powerful and unapologetic.

Since their emergence from a steel factory in 2018, Australia's hard rock powerhouse Avalanche has taken the world by storm. Sharing stages with rock titans like Buckcherry, Fozzy, Rose Tattoo, The Superjesus, and Frenzal Rhomb and winning Australia's largest live
original band competition, Passport To Airlie, Avalanche has solidified their reputation for explosive performances and raw, unfiltered rock 'n' roll.

Their relentless drive has earned them international acclaim, having just returned from a headline tour of Japan with much more in the works! Produced by Grammy-nominated and ARIA award-winning producer Steve James, Avalanche's sonic assault has resonated
globally, earning airplay on influential stations like Triple M, Kerrang!, and Planet Rock.

As Steven Campbell (lead vocals/bass) says: 'Armed To The Teeth is our biggest most anthemic tune to date! Big chords, big vocals, and a blazing finger-tapping one handed riff built for head-banging… this is the ultimate hard rock call to arms! We shot the video while on tour in Japan, and we're stoked to announce, it'll be a part of our first full length album coming next year!'

Avalanche's signature sound and non-stop touring schedule continue to win new fans worldwide. Get ready to be swept away by the sheer power of Avalanche.

Interview with Veronica Campbell

How would you describe your music?
Aussie rock n' roll!

Can you tell us about (your new song/upcoming gig/video), what was the inspiration?
We just released our new track 'Armed To The Teeth' it was a riff and title I had in the bank for ages since I was about 16 until I finally worked it into a track and brought it into the guys. We wanted to write a big anthemic, chant along, feel good kinda track about never giving up and not going down without a fight, Steve wrote the lyrics and away we went! We shot the video on our first headline tour of Japan, and it was great to capture that on video and show all the love form the Japanese fans and almost like the culmination of where we are today and everyone who helped get us there!

What are you musical influences?

Definitely Aussie rock, from AC/DC and Airbourne to The Angels, Cold Chisel, Rose Tattoo and Billy Thorpe, The Easybeats and so on. I personally like a lot of blues, 50s rock n roll and 60s British invasion stuff so we definitely bring all those influences into our music.
Do you prefer performing live or recording?
Live for sure, it's what we do this for and nothing beats it. When we record we try to record as live as possible trying to stick to no more than 3 takes at anytime and playing live together in the studio.

What should we expect from your upcoming shows?
Blood, sweat and beers!

How did the band come together?

It started with our drummer Ryan and I who met in high school and we'd jam on ACDC and rock n roll covers, after a couple members we found Steve who took over lead vocals and then bass, and then Arthur on rhythm guitar and we haven't stopped since!

What motivates you most when writing music?
Nothing in particular, whether we might already have a riff or tile in mind or nothing at all, we just always approach it as how can we write a fun heavy song that people can headbang or mosh along too? And go from there.

Which music/artists are you currently listening to?
Same old same old haha ACDC, Airbourbe, heaps of blues, lots of stuff from the 40s thru to the 70s and 80s, there's so much there and it never gets old! I most recently it's been Mountain, Cactus and Muddy Waters this week.
What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?
I'd say it was ACDC and Angus Young, I was always bewildered by his playing and their live shows, and the fact that they were a bunch of immigrants from Sydney's western suburbs, the same as me, and made it so far really inspired me to think I could give this thing a go.
If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?
Airbourne would be sick!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the music industry?

I'd say money and funding. We literally just wrote a song about being broke haha. Everyone knows Spotify and all their streaming services pay ridiculously little, there's no standardised fees or wages in the music industry so a lot of dodgey venues and promoters get away with paying nothing, there's labels and other dodgey people praying on artists and it's really easy to get ripped off. Grants and funding opportunities are few and far between and extremely competitive and cost of living in general is thru the roof. Basically you'll need to be fronting upwards of 10k anytime you want to record or go on tour, play shows internationally etc. and you're lucky if you break even. It makes it a bit hard when you gotta juggle 1 or 2 or more day jobs on top of 2, 3 or more rehearsal sessions and gigs each week, writing, promoting, social media etc + other life stuff, as well as getting time off work to travel and do all these things at times and sometimes you gotta put stuff on hold or turn down certain opportunities because you just can't afford to do em or work won't let us take the time off which sucks, but hey it's a struggle and it takes a lot but we push thru, we have the support of some amazing fans, friends and family, and we do it for them and cos we love it! And it beats having nothing else to do besides just a 9-5! 
What's next, for you?

When currently on tour across Australia for Armed To The Teeth so come to a show if you can! Then in the next 6 months we'll be releasing another song or 2, another Aus tour, we'll also be playing Airlie Beach Festival Of Music in November as we won the band comp last year and we'll be returning with a headlining slot on the main stage along side Sweet from the UK, Rose Tattoo, Jebediah, Thirsty Merc and more! And next year, we're hoping to release our first full length album and tour the UK and the Europe for the first time! 

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