Natchez Burning

Natchez Burning

Natchez Burning

This is the highly anticipated return of the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Greg suffered terrible injuries in a car accident a few years ago and his slow recovery played an important factor in his rediscovery of his love of writing and going back to the world of his characters.

Natchez Burning is the stunning new Penn Cage thriller, in which a shocking murder from the 1960s finds new life, and victims, in the present. Penn Cage is facing a son's worst nightmare - having his father stand accused of murder. Worse, each effort to defend the legendary Dr Tom Cage unearths new, shocking secrets, leaving Penn to question whether he ever really knew his father at all.

At issue is the murder of Viola Turner, once Tom Cage's nurse, before being transferred to Chicago, now back in Natchez and a corpse in her sister's house.

In Natchez, where the past is never truly -past', long-buried secrets turn lethal when exposed to the light of day. For Penn Cage, the cost of solving this case will be no exception.

Greg Iles was born in Germany in 1960, where his father ran the US Embassy Medical Clinic during the height of the Cold War. Iles spent his youth in Natchez, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1983. While attending Ole Miss, Greg lived in the cabin where William Faulkner and his brothers listened to countless stories told by 'Mammy Callie," their beloved nanny, who had been born a slave. Iles wrote his first novel in 1993, a thriller about Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess, Spandau Phoenix, which became the first of thirteen New York Times bestsellers.

Iles's novels have been made into films, translated into more than twenty languages, and published in more than thirty-five countries worldwide. His new epic trilogy continues the story of Penn Cage, protagonist of The Quiet Game, Turning Angel, and New York Times #1 bestseller The Devil's Punchbowl.

Iles is a member of the legendary lit-rock group 'The Rock Bottom Remainders." Like bandmate Stephen King, Greg returned to the musical stage after recovering from his injuries, and joined the band for their final two shows in Los Angeles in 2012 Iles lives in Natchez, Mississippi. He has two teenage children.

Natchez Burning
HarperCollins Australia
Author: Greg Iles
ISBN: 9780007304851
RRP: $29.99