My Way DVD

My Way DVD

My Way DVD

Cast: Dong-gun Jang, Jô Odagiri, Bing Bing Fan, In-kwon Kim
Director: Je-Gyu Kang
Genre: Epic War
Rated: MA
Running Time: 137 minutes

From the award-winning director Je-Gyu Kang comes My Way, an epic war movie with a story crossing years and continents. Intense war action and moving drama combine against a backdrop of global conflict and tremendous suffering to tell the story of friends torn apart then reunited by the winds of war.

Based on true events, My Way is the story of two men, Jun-Shik and Tatsuo, one Korean, the other Japanese, bitter rivals and enemies. Both share the same dream of one day participating in the Tokyo Olympics as a marathon runner, but when war breaks out both men are forced to fight for the Imperial Army.

For each man this is the start of an extraordinary adventure spanning savage fighting in China, the Soviet Union and, finally, Europe, where they are reunited on the eve of D-Day. Now bonded by blood these unlikely survivors must make a momentous decision: fight one more time or find a way home

Recreating the brutal, futile horror of total war, My Way will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that will leave you breathless. Powerful, moving and action packed, this is a story that everyone will enjoy.

Special Features:
"A Way to My Way": Making of Featurette (40 minutes)

My Way
RRP: $34.95