Mutti Polpa Tomatoes

Mutti Polpa Tomatoes

Mutti Polpa Tomatoes

Mutti Polpa Tomatoes – from vine to can in 86 minutes*

Yes, you read right! 86 minutes* - that's how long it takes for the tomatoes in a can of Mutti Polpa to get from the field into the can. And what's more, every can of Polpa can even be tracked like this via Mutti's website.

Why? To make sure the tomatoes get from the vine to the can with minimum interruption and maximum freshness – a mission that Mutti has prided itself on since 1899. A family business, run by the great grandson of founder Marcellino, Mutti is infatuated with producing the best quality, authentic tomato products. They have been since day one.

Testament to this is that Mutti is Italy's no.1 tomato brand, having stood the test of time for over a century. And 114 years later Mutti Polpa is now available in Australia in a Twin Pack, exclusively at Coles. As the hero of Mutti's products, the superior taste of Polpa Finely Chopped Tomato lies in its simplicity and purity: 100% quality Italian tomatoes with no added water, acidity regulators or flavour enhancers.

To grow the perfect tomato, Mutti goes above and beyond in delivering quality in the whole cycle of a tomato: from seeding to cultivation, from harvest to delivery. Driven by the 'rule of freshness", Mutti tomatoes are harvested from vines within 100 miles of their factory and then cold pressed to preserve their natural flavour before being packaged - all in an incredible 86 minutes*.

This unique technique ensures the high lycopene and antioxidant qualities that sit underneath the skin of the fruit are retained and none of the goodness lost. Developed and perfected in the generations of this family-run business, this patented process is so highly guarded that in fact only three people in the company have the key to the room that houses the secret machinery!

It's when you're cooking with Polpa that you'll really notice the difference. As the ultimate ingredient base for any recipe, Mutti needs a maximum of 25 minutes cooking time, with little needed to balance the flavour of the tomato. There is even an app available to help you in cooking the perfecto Italian dishes, every time!

To mark the launch into Coles, Mutti is giving one lucky winner a trip to Italy! All shoppers need to do is buy the specially marked packs in-store to enter for their chance to win a one week experience at a gourmet cooking school in the heart of Tuscany. Fans of Mutti can also look out for their 'Just Harvested" sampling roadshow, which is currently exhibiting through various shopping centres in Sydney.

There's a lot more to know about Mutti:

  • They're in the food valley of Parma
  • They distribute to over 20 countries around the world
  • They have stringent environmental and GMO policies
  • They invented the Tomato Paste -Tube' technology
  • They recently worked with the European Space Agency to develop their 'bag in box" innovation - a move to more easily recyclable packaging
  • They been awarded Italy's best medium-sized family business by the Harvard School of Business


Mutti Polpa Finely Chopped Tomatoes is available exclusively at Coles in a Twin Pack for $2.75.

86 minutes is an average time from vine to can. You can track your tin here

For more information on Mutti, their products and the Mutti recipe app, please visit or