Mr. Selfridge: Season 2 DVD

Mr. Selfridge: Season 2 DVD

Mr. Selfridge: Season 2 DVD

Cast: Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly, Frances O'Connor, Aisling Loftus, Grégory Fitoussi, Ron Cook, Amy Beth Hayes, Polly Walker, Trystan Gravelle, Tom Goodman­‐Hill
Creator: Andrew Davies
Genre: TV Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 400 minutes

Golden Globe® winner Jeremy Piven (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series - Entourage), leads a cast of award‐winning talent in the lavish period drama, Mr. Selfridge. With its first season drawing big audiences worldwide with its gripping stories and intriguing characters, Season 2 continues to impress viewers with its lively exploration of the captivating origins of London Department Store, Selfridges. Centering on the real-life story of its flamboyant founder, Mr. Harry Gordon Selfridge, the highly anticipated second season begins in 1914 England, and is available to own on DVD.

Much has changed since Selfridge's first opened its doors. Five years on from Season One, Europe is on the brink of war and London is enjoying one last defiant period of hedonism and decadence. Having rocked the retail world with his pioneering new store, Harry Selfridge (Piven) now has his sights set on joining the establishment and rebuilding his family life. His desperate attempts to win back estranged wife Rose (Frances O'Connor) are hindered by her friendship with Delphine Day (Polly Walker), the daring and extravagant owner of a fashionable London nightclub.

Tensions are also running high on the shop floor as Agnes (Aisling Loftus) returns from Paris, chic and successful. Not everyone is thrilled by her newfound confidence or by the sudden reappearance of her old ally Henri Leclair (Grégory Fitoussi), who has mysteriously returned from America.

With glamorous characters and gripping, new storylines, prepare to be seduced by Selfridge and his team, as they explore the theatre of retail, where any topic or trend is new, exciting and entertaining, or sometimes just eccentric. Already renewed a third season, don't miss out on all the drama, bonus content and deleted scenes in Mr. Selfridge: Season 2.

Special Features:
Behind Mr. Selfridge
Deleted Scenes

Mr. Selfridge: Season 2
RRP: $44.95

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