Bonnie & Clyde DVD

Bonnie & Clyde DVD

Bonnie & Clyde DVD

Cast: Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger, Holly Hunter, Sarah Hyland, Elizabeth Reaser, William Hurt
Director: Bruce Beresford
Genre: TV, Crime, Drama
Rated: MA
Running Time: 180 minutes

Bonnie and Clyde lusted after fortune, killed for fame, and embarked on an adrenaline filled crime spree across America. On the 80th anniversary of their death, comes the ground-breaking new miniseries, Bonnie Clyde. With breakout performances by Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild, Milk) and Holliday Grainger (Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina), supported by the talents of Academy Award® winning powerhouses Holly Hunter (Best Actress – The Piano) and William Hurt (Best Actor – Kiss of the Spider Woman), Director Bruce Beresford's (Double Jeopardy, Driving Miss Daisy) remake of this classic tale will have you glued to your seat.

Bonnie Clyde is based on the true story of Clyde Barrow (Hirsch), a charismatic convicted armed robber who sweeps Bonnie Parker (Grainger) off her feet, and the two embark on one of the most infamous bank-robbing extravaganzas in history. Though their crime spree is legendary, their story has never been told quite like this.

Fuelled by their passion for each other and Bonnie's obsession with fame, the couple committed increasingly dangerous robberies, leaving a trail of blood and headlines, behind them. Aided by Clyde's sixth sense, they stayed one step ahead of the law until their final fateful showdown.

Fans, historians and skeptics who are restless to uncover more about this legendary couple can dive into a host of bonus materials available on the two-disc Blu-ray™ and DVD sets. Exclusive to the Blu-ray™ is a never-before-seen featurette 'A Legendary Story Revisited", providing a behind-the-scenes look at how the tale was refreshed to take on a modern twist. Also included in both the Blu-ray™ and DVD sets are three all-new featurettes that give a candidly revealing look at the filming process and how Hirsch and Grainger interpreted their characters.

A period thriller with fantastic styling, this powerful remake provides a fresh and modern twist on this timeless tale.

Special Features:
Iconography: The Story of Bonnie Clyde
Becoming Bonnie
Becoming Clyde

Exclusive to Blu-ray Special Features:
'A Legendary Story Revisited" featurette

Bonnie & Clyde
RRP: $24.95
Blu-ray: $29.95