Mother Earth's Peanut Butter Range

Mother Earth's Peanut Butter Range

Mother Earth's Peanut Butter Range

Mother Earth's range of popular and unique all-natural peanut butters is now available at both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets; great news for everyone wanting easy access to a wholesome, delicious natural peanut butter.

As well as the peanut butter classics, Smooth and Crunchy made from freshly roasted peanuts and a touch of salt, Mother Earth offers its special superfoods range: Chia Seed Natural Peanut Butter, LSA Blend Natural Peanut Butter and the new Ancient Grains Natural Peanut Butter that combines freshly roasted peanuts with buckwheat, white chia seeds and spelt.

Mother Earth's superfoods range is unique in the peanut butter market and is a nourishing addition for a wholesome meal or snack at any time.

All Mother Earth peanut butters are truly natural - they have no additives, no preservatives and no added oils or sugars, ensuring each product is simply a jar of delicious goodness, and an important part of a balanced diet, which is why Mother Earth Peanut Butters have either a 4.5 or 5 health star rating.

The range is made from hi-oleic peanuts, which contain naturally higher levels of oleic acid which is rich in monounsaturated fats. These are the -good fats' that can help lower cholesterol, reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure. The peanut butters are also a source of protein, making them perfect for a breakfast spread or a mid afternoon snack.

So, spread a Mother Earth peanut butter on your favourite bread or toast, use it as a dip for vegetable sticks, add a spoonful or two to a smoothie, make up some powerhouse bliss balls, or use it as base for a satay sauce - however you eat it, Mother Earth peanut butter is truly nature at its most delicious!

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The Mother Earth peanut butters are available in 380g pots, with the superfoods range at an RRP of $5.49 and the Classics at an RRP of $4.99.