Mother Earth Fruit Sticks

Mother Earth Fruit Sticks

Mother Earth Fruit Sticks

Mother Earth Fruit Sticks are back and now with 25 per cent less sugar.

Ninety seven per cent fat-free and made with real fruit and now less sugar, the popular wholesome snacks are back on supermarket shelves.

Perfect for younger children, the 19 gram bars are easy for little hands to grasp. They are also free from artificial colours or flavours, baked with wholemeal flour and filled with real fruit, making them an ideal tasty snack for between meals.

'Our Fruit Sticks have been a lunchbox market-leader with NZ consumers for nearly 20 years," Mother Earth Senior Brand Manager, Caroline Potter said.

'Like all Mother Earth products we use natural colours and flavours, and use simple, wholesome ingredients to give families something similar to a snack they would bake at home"

Mother Earth Ambassador netball great Sharelle McMahon said Fruit Sticks are a must-have pantry item.

"As a Mum, I'm very aware of the importance of wholesome treats and snacks and Mother Earth Fruit Sticks fit the bill perfectly," she said.

Fruit Sticks are available in three fruit flavours; Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry and Apple and retail for $3.50 for a pack of 8

Look out for the green packs featuring a cast of friendly animal characters in Woolworths from November.

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