Monique Clare It Works

Monique Clare It Works

From Bjork to Bach and everwhere in between, with just her voice, four strings and a cello bow, Monique Claire carves out a musical landscape to get lost in. Driving rhythms collide with intricate cello lines; heart-tugging harmonies weave through compelling vocals. Her lyrics speak to the ruminations of her generation and dive deep into the universal experiences of love and loss. As a singer-songwriter/cellist, Monique brings totally original spirited folk-pop with a sophisticated edge.

Her striking, dynamic single, It Works, stages a dark, twisted and romanticised fixation on the narcotic power of advertising. The allure of advertising seeks next victim. Vigorous cello playing. Deliberate, sparse piano plonks. "Now they've got me under their spell/ Oh, I would do anything..." Bewitching harp trills. Want becomes greedy need, sucked into an intoxicating vortex of wish fulfilment. Deal sealed. The rush is only temporary. Buyer beware! It Works continues the sonic landscape of previous single You Are, with a lavish arrangement of harp, double bass, violin and drums. It's accompanied by a visually decadent music video that explores themes of vanity and consumption in the beauty industry.

Raised by a singer and a pipe organist who shared a mutual love of Bach, Gregorian chant and French Impressionist harmony Claire grew up in a habitat of choirs, surrounded by layers of individual voices that formed an immersive wall of sound. It took her 13 years to discover Björk, 16 to form a Radiohead obsession, 21 to catch on to The Beatles and 26 to fall in love with Joni Mitchell.

On top of this musical baptism of fire has been an array of experiences as a multi-genre session musician. From touring internationally with The Maes for two years, to being a hired gun for world class artists such as Kate Miller-Heidke, The Whitlams, Katie Noonan and Eminem, to accompanying legendary fiddle players Darol Anger and Hanneke Cassel; Monique has absorbed a set of entirely divergent genres and approaches to music. This has instilled an unshakable stage presence and conviction that she carries into every performance.

Monique's particular brand of fearless has seen her teaching cello in war-torn Afghanistan and leading groups of listeners up a mountainside in the dark for a sunrise concert. She jumps into cold water as a ritualistic reminder that anything is possible. Through her songwriting, Monique challenges her listeners to do the same: be vulnerable and courageous.

It Works is the second single from Moniques forthcoming debut album. You Are, the first taste from Monique's debut record, was released in February, 2020. A euphoric celebration of a former flame who remains a close friend, 'You Are' acts as Monique's calling card, inviting listeners to preview her shimmering new musical direction, peppered with explosive orchestral embellishment.

Monique is currently recording her debut album, set for release in 2021. Genre fluid, technically flawless and multifaceted, Monique Clare is perfectly primed to step into the light, take full credit and enjoy the applause.