Mingle Seasoning

Mingle Seasoning

Cleaning out her Pantry Led one Young Aussie Woman to Create a Spicy new Start Up

In 2016, Jordyn Evans founded Mingle Seasoning in a place where she loves to spend a lot of her time, the kitchen. A massive foodie, Jordyn decided one day she would clean out her pantry, only to realise that a lot of the products she had been using to flavour her food were filled with nasty ingredients (i.e. high amounts of salt, preservatives, sugars, vegetable oil). 
This didn't sit well with her, as she was going to such lengths to buy quality protein and vegetable but then flavouring my food with products that contained hidden nasties. 


"Mingle Seasoning was created one Sunday afternoon meal prepping for the week. On this particular Sunday, I tried to open the pantry only to realise it was bursting out at the seams. I had been avoiding a pantry clean out for a while, but that day I decided enough was enough, it was time to get everything out! And throughout this big clean out, not only did I realise that half of the things in the pantry had expired (eww!) but I also started to read the labels and ingredients that were on a lot of the products. 
A lot of these products were things I had grown up with and never had taken the time to thoroughly read what was actually in them. Being now more health conscious I knew a lot of salt wasn't good for me and neither were fillers, anti-caking agent, preservatives, sugars, vegetable oils and any ingredient with a number!"

"That day, I decided to chuck out 90% of what was in my pantry and made a promise to myself that going forward I was only going to flavour my food with something I was 100% confident using. Having little confidence in mass-market products, I decided to experiment in the kitchen with a few spices that I had left in my pantry and I can honestly say, that was the day Mingle Seasoning was born."

This ignited the idea of Mingle Seasoning, a range of seasonings free from nasties that you can use to flavour your food with confidence. All Natural, No fillers, blended for you and ready to shake on any protein or veg, to make cooking healthy, tasty and convenient. 

"Mingle Seasoning is a range of all-natural seasonings that caters to the person who wants to feel naturally confident when flavouring their food. I have created a range of seasonings that have no nasties and make healthy eating tasty and simple."

Mingle is currently stocked in 400 healthy food stores and independent retailers including GoVita, Lamanna and Flannery's.