Maxwell & Williams Euphemia Henderson

Maxwell & Williams Euphemia Henderson

Maxwell & Williams Euphemia Henderson

Maxwell & Williams and their new Euphemia Henderson range.

An extremely rare opportunity, the Library is Australia's most extensive botanical library and is almost never opened to the public. The Library contains the original preserved illustrations from the 1800's that were the inspiration for Maxwell & Williams' new range, Euphemia Henderson. The tour will be run by the Gardens Librarian, Sally Stewart, and will give an extraordinary glimpse into the -rare books room,' which contains some of Australia's oldest and rarest botanical books.

'I am extremely pleased to be able to share our beautiful and historic art collection. The Library contains thousands of original botanical
watercolours and illustrations that people can now enjoy daily through the Euphemia Henderson collection," said Sally. Royalties from the sale of the Euphemia Henderson range assist the Gardens to advance the knowledge, conservation and enjoyment of plants for generations to come.


Maxwell & Williams' Creative Director Claire Chilcott described the range as a recognition of one of the many talented botanical painters that beautifully documented the flora of Australia over 100 years ago. 'I loved having the opportunity to bring the artwork back to life. The mix of flowers and colours is just spectacular," said Claire. 'We're thrilled to maintain a strong relationship of collaboration with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. To be able to dive into their archives and create such a beautifully vibrant collection is a joy."


The beautiful Maxwell & Williams' collection, based on illustrations by the acclaimed Victorian era wildflower artist Euphemia Henderson, is a highly collectible range that celebrates the beauty and colour of our native flora.


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