Lyme Electra 250

Lyme Electra 250

Lyme Electra 250 - Electric Mandoline Slicer

Do all of your cooking preparation with the one device as the Lyme Electra 250 offers you the option to julienne, grate, shave, shred, slice or dice with precision.

Create Restaurant quality food at home with the Lyme Electra 250

Anyone who cooks at home will find this reliable electric mandolin slicer indispensable.  Cutting preparation time in half, the ergonomic design of the Lyme Electra 250 allows you to julienne, grate, shave, shred, slice and dice with precision.  The dishwasher-safe stainless stell blades provide consumers with restaurant-quality results without the mess or added fuss of multiple chopping boards and gadgets.

Far superior to the customary manual slicer on the market, this patented quality Electric slicer and dicer over performs, moving back-and-forth a whopping 200 times a minute! Durable and reliable, this top quality innovations is fitted with the best Japanese cutting blades on the market to deliver the finest results.

The Lyme Electra 250 allows you to do all of your preparations with just one device.  From producing French fry wedges to finely shaving ice for cocktails, the Lyme Electra 250 is unlike any other slicer you've seen before.  The choices are infinite with shoppers having more than one size option for each function, keeping the variety in your meals.

The Lyme Electra 250 has a range of small, medium and large food pushes for improved processing control and includes a tray, converting into a container with an additional lid for all your storage needs.  Fitted with a safety switch, this nifty new invention only operates when assembled correctly to avoid any unwanted disasters.  This fully inclusive pack Screams value with its comprehensive 16 piece set.

The Lyme Electra 250 is a kitchen essential and is user friendly from basic meals to a banquet so you can impress even your most discerning guest.

The Lyme Electra 250 Electric Mandoline Slicer is currently available to purchase exclusively in Australia through
RRP: $149.95