Lotus Biscoff Spread

Lotus Biscoff Spread

Spread The Love: Lotus Brings Its Famous Biscuit Spread To Aussie Shores

Watch out, biscuit lovers! There's a new spread in town and it's mouth-wateringly good!

Belgian born biscuit brand, Lotus has finally launched its deliciously unique biscuit spread, Biscoff, down under and Aussie households are welcoming it with open arms.

Made entirely from Lotus' crushed 'Speculoos' biscuits (spiced caramelised shortcrust biscuits), Biscoff is the only spread of its kind available in Australia making it the standout choice in the spreads aisle.

Lotus Biscoff spokesperson, Nick Nairn said: "Biscoff is unlike anything you have ever tried before with a unique flavour and a deliciously creamy texture - it's the spread you never knew you wanted, but won't be able to live without. Every mouthful tastes as good as the last!

"Aside from being delicious, Biscoff is also nut-free and vegan-friendly too. It can be enjoyed on toast, as part of your dessert or simply by the spoonful, we won't judge! Basically, anything goes with Biscoff, and Biscoff goes with anything!"

Lotus biscuits have a rich history in many parts of the world and were purposefully designed to be paired with coffee - that was until someone had the ingenious idea to turn them into a spread and now Biscoff is giving fan favourites such as Nutella and Peanut Butter a run for their money.

Biscoff lovers around the nation are already experimenting with different ways to enjoy the spread - whether in cakes, milkshakes, slices or pancakes - there's a recipe to suit everyone. One Sydney-based gourmet donut store, Donut Papi, who boasts over 29,000 followers on Instagram has been busy making a range of different Biscoff-inspired treats since it landed.

Kenneth Rodrigueza from Donut Papi said: "I've been a Lotus Biscoff fan for a long time and would always ask friends that were travelling overseas to bring me back a few jars, but now that it's available in Australia, it makes it so much easier for me! I'm loving it more than ever and have been having so much fun experimenting with different combinations in our store."

Donut Papi has gained a huge following thanks to both its market stalls and cravings-induced Instagram page. According to Rodrigueza, his content has been so popular that even Nigella Lawson reposted a photo of one of their custard-filled donuts. Donut Papi was also listed as one of the "top sweets and desserts" at the 2019 Sydney Night Noodle Markets.

Rodrigueza added: "We're absolutely obsessed with Lotus Biscoff and have found that it matches really well with a lot of our classic and Asian-fusion treats. It is a very versatile product that has made its way onto our donuts, cakes and specialty drinks."

Review: This spread is very much like Nutella... once you start you cannot stop! I think it's better than eating the biscuits - the spread caputres the flavour but has the consistency of a delicious nut-spread for toast or even with bananas. Cannot get enough.

The new spread is available to buy at any Independent or Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. You can grab it in both smooth and crunchy varieties, so be sure to pick up a jar from your local supermarket next time you're in - we promise it will not disappoint!