Lori's Wholesome Pantry Cookies

Lori's Wholesome Pantry Cookies

Lori Phillips grew up cooking and baking alongside her Mum and grandmother. The kitchen was always her happy place. Her grandmother owned a bakery and watching her instilled a love of baking into Lori from a young age.

Over time Lori eliminated most of the packaged and processed food from her pantry at home. She cooked to nourish her family and turned her pantry into a wholesome pantry.

Lori says: "I took humble, home-style pantry and local bakery favourites and created healthier versions for the whole family to enjoy.

"I strive to use premium ingredients that have minimal processing which are as close to nature as possible but still have a delicious flavour."

Wholesome Pantry Cookies use whole foods ingredients that are preservative and sulphite free, vegan friendly, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and have no added sugar.

"Wholesome Pantry Cookies are a healthy alternative to the homestyle cakes just in individual convenient snack-controlled portions. I wanted these cookies to be a treat you can feel good about eating or giving to your family.

I really want people to be able to enjoy a healthier homestyle classic. Whole Pantry Cookies are a healthy alternative to classic home-made or bakery purchased classic cakes, made with whole foods that contain no nasties. I am thrilled to be able to offer a natural wholesome and healthy alternative that everyone can enjoy."

Lori's Wholesome Pantry Cookies:

Apricot Éclair- a mix of sweet apricots with a gentle splash of orange oil, combined with coconut and nuts.

Review: The Apricot cookie is delectably sweet, much sweeter than Key Lime Pie and so very yum. The combination of flavours are delicious especially for such a simple healthy recipe!
- Madeleine Coleman

Key Lime Pie- a delicious blend of cashews with a refreshing taste of lime creates a delicious cooking just like a key lime pie

Review: These delicious cookies remind me of protein balls but better as the cookie-shape is easier to enjoy (if you don't gobble it all up, super-fast, because they are so yum)! The range is an especially easy on-the-go morning snack or afternoon craving cruncher with a nice texture.
- Madeleine Coleman

Pecan Tart- a sweet and salty combination with a slight caramel maple favour, this cookie is smooth and contains the superfood Lacuma to bring the richness of a healthy pecan tart.

Gingerbread- a nutritious gingerbread cookie developed by adding the perfect blend of ginger, cinnamon and cloves that remind you of that distinct holiday feeling.

Apple Crumble- Just like a warm apple pie, containing the perfect mix of almonds and walnuts, apple and cinnamon to remind you of grandma's apple crumble.

Review: YUM! The Apple Crumble Cookie is actually just like apple pie - absolutely delicious and evoking all the soul-soothing feels of a Sunday night roast; INCREDIBLE.
- Brooke Hunter

Carrot Cake- this cookie tastes just like a piece of moist carrot cake only much healthier.