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Loose Lips Tea Co

Loose Lips Tea Co Review

Review: It's that time of year... tea time (unless you're like me and every night, regardless of the temperature, is tea time) and Loose Lips Tea Co has every different type of delicious tea you could crave.

An Australian owned and made company, Loose Lips Tea Co is a business created by pure love and that is evident in their hand-blended products.

Adorably pretty blends smell delicious especially their stand-out tea, Raspberry Mint – a phenomenal and warm blend yet freshly scented tea that relaxes even the most buzzed writer.  The Secret Garden tea deserves a shout-out too as it provided a striking cup with a seriously relaxing scent.

And, even though you didn't need another reason to steep up these blends are immune boosting, vegan friendly and even sleep inducing! - Brooke Hunter


Starting as a hobby in 2010, the Loose Lips Tea Co is the creative brainchild of Melbourne-based tea artisan, Cherri. With a passion for creating unique blends with organic ingredients, a small side project soon grew into a wonderful small Australian business. Fast-forward 7 years and Cherri has experimented with over 70 tea blends to create the unique and unconventional Gourmet Specialiteas and Simpliciteas ranges.

Each tea blend produced by the Loose Lips Tea Co is hand-blended and hand-packaged from start to finish, using only organic and certified organic ingredients all encased in BPA free, recyclable, Melbourne-made packaging. The Simpliciteas range includes teas such as the Aussie Bush Tea, Raspberry Mint and Rose Blossom Tea to name a few. The Gourmet Specialiteas includes divine blends such as the Buddha Tears, Spicy Festivitea and Tickle Me Licco Mint Tea.

The Loose Lips Tea Co is proudly Australian made and owned, vegan friendly and each tea in the range is 100% hand blended to perfection.