Long Flat B-Pak

Long Flat B-Pak

Long Flat and the Woolworths Liquor family bring you two great wines that are red, white and GREEN

The B-Pak - it's everything great wine should be - just a whole lot better for the planet.

All the benefits of a bottle
All the convenience of an environmentally friendly Pak

Reducing your carbon footprint, whether a winemaker, chef or fashion designer has become one of the most important consumer issues of our times.

Grape growing and winemaking remains one of the most sustainable and efficient agricultural and manufacturing undertakings in Australia but we can always do better, and innovate for the advantage of all wine lovers and those who drink no wine at all.

B-Pak is one of the most exciting innovations in recent years in the wine industry. Why? Because it guarantees wine quality on par with that in a bottle.

And the benefits go further. Here is a representative list starting with the environment:

It takes more than 26 trucks to deliver one million empty wine bottles or PET containers. It takes only one truck to deliver one million B-Pak cartons!

B-Pak also:
o Is produced using mainly sustainable and renewable resources
o Reduces packaging waste by 90%,
o Reduces greenhouse emissions by 75%
o Reduces energy requirements by 50%
o Reduces fuel consumption and emissions at every stage of the package life cycle

The B-Pak benefits list goes on and is not just restricted to its outstanding green credentials, it is also incredibly convenient - a few key things you might want to consider:
  • The packaging format is proven and globally popular with more than 1.6 billion litres of wine sold in Tetra Paks last year.
    o It will not break and shatter like glass and is therefore a fantastic alternative for outdoor entertainment - sailing, poolside, camping, picnics . . . wherever glass can be risky
    o A full one litre B-Pak weighs 20% less than a 750ml bottle of wine so if you are an outdoorsy type who likes to walk and then savour a fine wine, well your back will thank you before your palate does!
    o An empty B-Pak weighs 90% less than an empty 750ml bottle, making it more convenient to pack up and take back to the recycling bin
    o A B-Pak is also easier to recycle as it can be crushed to take up less room in a recycling bin and is lighter than a glass bottle

    A Life Cycle Inventory study conducted by Franklin Associates in the USA concluded that Tetra Pak cartons produce lower overall environmental burdens as a package for wine than glass bottles or PET containers. The findings indicated that if all of Canada's 283 million litres of table wine were packed into cartons instead of bottles, the amount of greenhouse gases saved would equal taking 43,000 cars off the road! (July 2005).

    The two ranges of wines in the B-Pak are among the best value wines in their categories. The Long Flat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc comes from one of the most trusted names in Australian winemaking and is a refreshing, crisp and fruit driven style that is the perfect partner to barbecued seafood. The wine is exactly the same as that which goes into the highly acclaimed Long Flat Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 750mL bottle so even if the convenience and environment issues don't sway you - how does 33% more for the same price sound!!??

    The Long Flat B-Pak range includes Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Merlot and Shiraz.

    The BRIQUE range, which is exclusive to BWS, Dan Murphy's, Woolworths and Safeway Liquor stores is made up of a Classic Dry White and a delicious medium body Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine has some classic, spicy black pepper notes with blackcurrant and cherry flavours.

    The BRIQUE and Long Flat B-Pak are available from more than 1000 stores Australia-wide including your local BWS bottleshops, Dan Murphy's and Woolworths Liquor (or Safeway Liquor in VIC).

    Long Flat B-Pak Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2006 RRP $9.99
    BRIQUE Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon RRP $8.99

    Review: Great idea these flat packs, perfect for picnics, camping & travelling to avoid breakages and having dangerous breakables around. Also a great idea to send overseas to friends. We hope that many wineries take this on board to offer a broad range of wines in convenient packaging.

    *The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*

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