Baileys Choc Mint Martini

Baileys Choc Mint Martini

Served Martini style with a fresh mint leaf. The fresh flavour of Baileys Mint Chocolate shaken with crème de menthe, crème de cacao and milk.

30ml Baileys Mint
15ml Crème de menthe
15ml Dark crème de cacao
30ml Milk

Step 1: Combine 30ml of Baileys Mint, 15ml of Crème de menthe and 15ml of Dark crème de cacao in a cocktail shaker

Step 2: Add ice and shake well

Step 3: Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a fresh mint leaf

The secret behind Baileys: A different way to celebrate St Patricks Day

While celebrating Irish heritage this St. Patricks Day, 17th March, enjoy a glass of one of Irelands most famous exports, Baileys Original Irish Cream. Baileys is steeped in tradition, originating from a small farm in Ireland to become the most successful spirit introduced anywhere in the world.

Created in 1971, Baileys is the brainchild of R&A Bailey, who combined the great Irish tradition of distilling (Ireland received the first license to distil whiskey in 1608) with the other great tradition of dairy farming, creating a uniquely Irish drink.

The product concept seemed relatively simple, however the physical chemistry proved to be extremely difficult, as whiskey and cream do not naturally mix. After a year of testing, R&A Bailey found a 100% natural way to combine the two ingredients and the perfect blend in which the cream is preserved by the whiskey alone.

To ensure consistency in the velvety smooth and delicious taste, the perfect ingredients were essential, and so came the decision to only use Irish milk from specially chosen Irish farms... Which is why, still today, every drop of cream used to create Baileys comes from a select 1,500 Irish farms with a population of 40,000 very special happy cows.

Unlike most cows, Baileys cows are kept outdoors in the fresh air for nine months of the year and fed a mixture of four different types of the finest, tastiest grass from the Emerald Isle - making the cows super relaxed and Baileys taste so good.

The milk collected from the happy cows is transformed into Baileys less than 36 hours later to ensure maximum freshness.

The first stage of production is to mix the cream with the finest Irish whiskey. Then the combination of cocoa nips and vanilla pods combined with a hint of caramel and sugar are added to create the authentic and unique flavour of Baileys Original Irish Cream.

This St. Patricks Day, be sure to indulge in another great Irish tradition with Baileys, the worlds most loved spirit. Watch the Baileys story

Share the pleasure responsibly...
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* St Patrick's Day, the national holiday of Ireland, is an annual celebratation of Saint Patrick, one of Irelands patron saints. Now celebrated worldwide and part of a five day festival in Ireland, St Patricks Day has been celebrated as a religious holiday for thousands of years.

* Baileys history in brief

1971 Baileys was the brainchild of R&A Bailey, who combined the great Irish tradition of distilling with the other great Irish tradition of dairy farming to create a uniquely Irish drink reflecting Irelands heritage.

1972 While the product concept was relatively simple and manageable, the chemistry proved to be a very difficult issue to resolve as whiskey and cream do not mix naturally.

1973 The recipe was perfected and the difficulties associated with bulk production and shelf life were overcome.

1974 Baileys was launched.

1979 Sales grew rapidly, one million cases were sold around the world, and another 700,000 cases were added to this over the next five years.

1980s Consumers started to drink Baileys over ice, which created more drinking occasions for Baileys to be enjoyed.

1990s Baileys became the single most successful new spirit to be introduced anywhere in the world in the last 30 years.

2002 Baileys Minis launched.

2005 Baileys is the only cream liqueur with a shelf life of 24 months.

2006 Two exciting new Baileys flavours launched: Baileys with a Hint of Mint Chocolate and Baileys with a Hint of Caramel

*The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*