Lizzie Liros Races Ready Hair Interview

Lizzie Liros Races Ready Hair Interview

Melbourne Cup Hair Styles

Melbourne Cup is around the corner and women across the country are faced with the annual conundrum of how to best style their hair for the race day office party. We all want to look our best for morning meets with the boss, as well suitably festive for the drinks that roll out at 3pm and beyond. Not to mention the best dressed competitions!

Whether it's a half crown braid that you can do the night before or a simple french roll that a trusty colleague can pin up at your desk, Philips HairCare Ambassador Lizzie Liros has the tips and tricks of the trade to ensure you're race day ready at the office.

Interview with Lizzie Liros, Philips HairCare Ambassador

Question: Can you share your top hair tips for those attending the races on Melbourne Cup Day?

Lizzie Liros: Many people think their dress is the most important accessory on Melbourne Cup Day, however your hairstyle and fascinator can take your outfit to the next level!

If you are wearing a fascinator, make sure you choose a hairstyle to suit its style. Opting for something simple and elegant typically works best.
Wash your hair the night before. This will make your hair stay in place as freshly washed hair can be too fluffy to style with.
If you are wearing a big hat, avoid hat hair by wearing curls or a loose bun underneath.
Part your hair on the opposite side that your fascinator will sit.

Question: What are the best hair-styles for wearing with fascinators?

Lizzie Liros: A simple and elegant hairstyle always works best when wearing a fascinator. Opt for a sleek ponytail, neat braid, donut bun or chignon, as these will look gorgeous with everyone's favourite Cup Day headwear and stay in place all day.

Question: And, what hair-style advice do you have for race day office party for those of us, working?

Lizzie Liros: Don't let work stop you from dressing up for the Melbourne Cup! While you might need to stick to business attire, your hairstyle can get in the racing spirit. For hairstyles that look suitably stylish and don't look out of place at your morning meetings, try a low side bun with a braid, an easy chignon or a neat bun with a small fascinator to embellish.

Question: Are you able to give us the break-down for a simple French roll that a trusty colleague can pin up at our desk, pre-party?

Lizzie Liros: A French roll is a hairstyle which looks incredibly complicated, but is actually easily executed!

Step-by-step to achieve a French roll (with the help of your colleague!)
The night before, blow dry your hair with the Philips MoistureProtect Hair Dryer, running your fingers through it rather than a brush to enhance natural waves. If you have particularly dry hair, use the moisture button to help moisture preservation.
With your fingers, gently brush all hair back as if you are going to put it in a mid-ponytail.
Follow your fingers through until you reach the ends and start to roll hair to the left or right side until it rolls to your head.
Let a colleague help you pin the twist securely to the rest of your hair, finish with some holding spray.

Question: What are your favourite hair-styles for the office especially coming into Summer?

Lizzie Liros: Beach waves – These are very on trend this spring summer, and they're so easy!
Rock chic hair – This look is perfect to take you from desk to a gig.
A French fishtail slip braid – This one you can even do the night before work and wake up with a purposefully messy look!

Question: How can we protect our hair, especially dyed hair, as we move into the hotter months?
Lizzie Liros: For coloured hair in particular, the best way to prolong your colour is to keep your hair healthy. The most extreme damage will come from heated styling tools and salt water. If you're going to use styling tools, prepare your hair with a leave-in conditioner and finish with a protective spray.

When blow drying, use a medium speed and run your fingers through rather than a brush to allow hair to dry slowly as high heat can damage hair further. The Philips MoistureProtect Hair Dryer has Infrared technology which continuously monitors and adapts the drying temperature to match your hair' drying needs. When swimming during the summer months, always rinse your hair with cold water before leaving the beach!

Question: What's the best way to get the most out of our blow-wave, without avoiding the gym?

Lizzie Liros: Nothing is more upsetting than walking out of the salon with your glamorous blow dry knowing you'll have to wash it after tomorrow morning's workout. One of the best solutions for avoiding washing hair when you probably should, is dry shampoo.

The next important step is keeping sweat and moisture away from your hair. A sweat-absorbent headband will absorb the sweat from your forehead and back of your neck before your hair does.

Additionally, the more you touch your hair, the dirtier and greasier it will get. Rather than smoothing it down with your hands, avoid touching it as much as possible. After your workout, blow your scalp with the cool setting on a blow dryer to dry any sweat and apply more dry shampoo if needed.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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