Lisa Caruso In Feelings

Lisa Caruso In Feelings

'In Feelings' ~ a play on words and nod to 'In Dreams'; a title suggestinginfluences from David Lynch and Roy Orbison, and for the better part,detailing the home of emotions in which Lisa stars.Empathic and relatable, the album musically translates impassionedstories whose melodies and lyrics spill unhidden secrets; mixed andmastered with sheen production that shoots these ten tracks straight tothe heart.

2017 is when the venture started. From calm bedroom studies and exciting London demos, to stressful studio recordings and then finding solace in home studio; Lisa had little choice but to go with the flow when recording this album. Waiting for someone like Ben (Fletcher - a gun creative and guitarist to Sarah Blasko and Marina and the Diamonds) to work with on production was the dream that soon became a reality. Lisa sent demo's off to London where Ben was then residing, songs were decided and mused on over email, and in July that same year, a window was open to make a start on the record.

Always the optimist, Caruso headed over to London experiencing the start of what became a long Crohn's (disease) relapse. Pain and lethargy started to settle in, but so did the birth of Lisa's new style. Taking from 90s indie and 60s pop genres, songs were developing; thrashing, cool, emotive and transparent. Four demo's were complete and brought to UK's Urchin studio where Matt Ingram (Laura Marling, Lianne La Havas) (s)layed down the drum tracks and helped with recording some bits and bobs. Arriving back to Sydney with a semi recorded album and plans to keep working with Ben, just a video call away, studio days were booked. But before too long, it was obvious that Lisa was too deep in this autoimmune flare to perform proudly. The team decided that the album was going to take a little longer than planned, and that was okay.

In November 2018, 'Shake Baby Shake', the song about invisible illness, was the first track released. There is much more to this album than the illness she keeps, but for Lisa, it was important to explain the pause, and instinctually follow the path that this album would reveal. With a music video that strips the good, shows the ugly, and ultimately finds a sparkle of strength found through vulnerability, 'In Feelings' is largely about Lisa's ability to tell it like it is, and the reality of all of life's bright shades as well as it's darker shadows. A couple more visits from Ben in the OZ studio later, and with a little help from a few friends about the scene; the album was complete.

Continuing to play solo, as a duo, and in a band, three more singles and their music videos were released and celebrated. 'A Holiday' showed Caruso's raucous and playful side, 'Borrow My Body' , was the slow burn that gained rotation a Double J, and 'Dream Lover'; a fierce track named a 'defiant breakup anthem'.

2019 was a big year in music for Caruso. Amidst the hard work of being an independent musician; booking gigs, running PR,and producing music videos, the wins were gratefully accepted. Lisa was named a finalist in the 2019 'Australian Women inMusic Awards' in the 'emerging artist' category, and successfully landed a sync on American NBC TV series 'Good Girls'. Withnew fans popping up all over the world eagerly awaiting the album,
'To Call You Mine' is here for the final taste. Sheathed indriving guitars and hard hitting drums, this blazing indie rock track sees Lisa come straight through the centre, proud andfearless in behaviour- ready.

With 2020 having it's fair share of lows, there is no better time for 'In Feelings' to arrive. Lisa Caruso's debut album is asoundtrack of optimism, giving us permission to feel whatever it is we need, with a supported kick in the pants to keepgoing.