Lightspeed Panel Surveys

Start taking online surveys and receive points that are redeemable for credit through PayPal, online gift vouchers or donation to charities. Plus you will automatically be entered to win $1,500 in the Lightspeed prize draw.

Lightspeed matches you with the most appropriate survey for you! For example:
  • A female-targeted magazine may want to survey only women
  • A company that manufactures razors may want to survey only men
  • A company that produces stereo equipment may only want to survey people between the ages of 18-35
  • A cruise line may want to survey people over the age of 60

    Not only do your opinions matter at Lightspeed you get rewarded for them!

    By taking Lightspeed Panel surveys, you have the power to let companies know exactly what you think. Your opinions help develop new products and improve existing products. It's simple, fun, and free! Receive Guaranteed Rewards We know that your time is valuable. That's why we offer guaranteed rewards for most of our surveys. Complete surveys and receive Lightspeed Points that are redeemable right on our site for:
    Credit through PayPal
    Online gift vouchers
    Donation to charities

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