The Art House - Affordable art for perceptive people

The Art House - Affordable art for perceptive people

Realistic reproductions, affordable art and top tips can all be found at The Art House. Wander their online aisles exploring the many styles of the many artists. Whether it's abstract, contemporary, nudes or landscapes that tickle your fancy, you're bound to find something you like.

Experience the exciting new world of door art! All you need is a plain door, a screwdriver, one of their Door Art prints and about 30 minutes, and you can take a dull door and transform it into a work of art!

Specialising in classic studio portraiture, you can capture the present by having a portrait done of you and your partner, your children, individuals or pets.

Travel photos can be transformed into posters to provide large as life memoirs from your holiday or trip. Whether it was that gorgeous sunset, a great shot of the kids, or something else that you know will look brilliant hanging in your lounge room, your photos can be made into art on canvas. It's the latest trend, and a great way to decorate your home or office with personal and meaningful images. Photos, slides or negatives can be touched up and improved to ensure top-quality results.

Check out their diverse collection of art reproductions, proclaimed to contain Australia's largest collection including a sundry collection of abstract prints, striking flower images, sultry sunsets, sweeping landscapes, animal representations and striking portraits.

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