Men would swap a beer for the chance to have a baby

New male fertility pill allows couples to do more when trying for a baby
New research shows 86% of men aged 25-44 would like to do more to help their partner fall pregnant and now they can with the launch of 'Menevit', a new pill specifically formulated for male fertility.

Developed right here in Australia, 'Menevit' is a unique combination of antioxidants designed to maintain sperm health. 'Menevit' arrives at a time when, according to new research, Australian men are more willing than ever to make important lifestyle changes and sacrifices in order to help their partner fall pregnant:
  • Just over half of Australian men would give up beer with mates
  • 61% would give up fast food
  • 55% would give up or cut down smoking cigarettes
  • Nearly 80% would do regular exercise
  • 84% would try to eat a well balanced diet

    Dr Kelton Tremellen, fertility specialist affiliated with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology/ /at the University of Adelaide/ /and fertility clinic Repromed, said men often feel guilt over the pressure on their partner to conceive and as a result want to do more to help.
    "I often speak with men who tell me their partner is placing too much pressure on herself to conceive their child and they want to do more to help. One way for a man to take more responsibility, is to be more aware of his own health and how this affects conception."
    "Factors such as drinking, smoking and exposure to environmental pollutants, can cause free radicals in the body which can damage sperm health. 'Menevit' is thought to work by neutralising free radicals, combining vitamin C and E, lycopene, selenium, folic acid, garlic oil and zinc - all of which are recognised as powerful antioxidants which have shown beneficial effects on sperm," said Dr Tremellen.
    The research found that women also want men to play a bigger role in trying for a baby with 91% of women agreeing men should take more responsibility in pre-conception care.

    Dr Anne Clark from the Fertility Society of Australia agrees, saying 'Menevit' is an important and easy way for men to take more responsibility for their health and play a greater role in pre-pregnancy planning.
    "Up until now the onus to fall pregnant has been placed on the woman's shoulders so it's great news that men can now do their bit and support their partner at what can be a stressful time for couples. As part of planning for pregnancy, changes such as limiting alcohol consumption and quitting smoking are important for both males and females. Similar to women taking pre-conception supplements, 'Menevit' can be considered by couples as an important step in pre-conception care," said Dr Clark.

    'Menevit' is an oral capsule taken once-daily by men for three months pre-conception and continued as required, or as directed by a healthcare professional. 'Menevit' will be available in pharmacies soon.

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