Leonie Kingdom 2020

Leonie Kingdom 2020

It's been no secret that this year has not gone to anybody's plan. A new decade is supposed to signal new starts but unfortunately, the universe has had other plans. Still, life in lockdown has forced us to think outside the box when it comes to coping mechanisms and for Hervey Bay's Leonie Kingdom, navigating her way through this year has meant creating some bright new music.

New single '2020' is a strong release from the indie songwriter, who has been wrapping fans up with her warmth and intricate songwriting chops since 2018. This release, her first for the year, focuses on the year that has been with satiric wit and charming delivery.

From dead cars, to getting lost in the city, to the awkward approach for a stray cigarette, '2020' is presented like a diary entry for a non-eventful week out and about.

As Leonie says, the song looks at the smaller day to day occurrences that can leave us uninspired or deflated, as a way to deflect. "It magnifies all the 'non-event' things that went wrong this year whilst subtly ignoring the elephant in the room that is the global pandemic. This is not your ordinary 'sad' song, the upbeat production married with pitiful lyrics give the overall song a lighthearted feel." Leonie Kingdom

Produced and mixed by Jarryd Shuker and Hein Cooper, '2020' finds the offbeat humour in the dankness; with Leonie's striking vocal and inviting depth too, it's impossible not to have a wry smile spread across your own face when hearing her sing.

For the '2020' music video, Leonie linked up with animator apricotbanana to provide visuals for this narrative.

Making her debut in 2018 with single release 'Night Terrors', Leonie Kingdom has been making a name for herself on the East Coast, largely thanks to her haunting vocal presence and emotional sense of songwriting.

Follow up releases 'So Much More' and 'Rhubarb' have demonstrated her growth as an artist, with '2020' only bolstering her reputation as a writer and performer to watch.