Learn the Effects of Ketogenic Diet on the Female Body

Learn the Effects of Ketogenic Diet on the Female Body

Losing weight is not fun. It's hard work and depriving yourself of certain foods you love, not to mention the working out part which is never fun either. Then there's the option of going on one of those diets you read about on the internet or see in an ad.

Some of these diets are exaggerated, while others are actually efficient and do promise good results if you commit long enough to reap the rewards. One of those diets is the ketogenic diet. It has been shown to have good results over short intervals of time, which has made it a very popular one amongst many people. Plus, it has a lot more benefits than weight loss.

What is ketogenic diet?

It's basically a low carb diet. Make that very low carb diet. The name stems from the word "ketones" which are small fuel molecules produced in the body when you eat little to no carbs. These ketones are an alternative fuel source and help the body burn fat at a very fast rate. The less carbs you eat, the quicker you'll see results. We're talking 20 to 50 grams of carbs per day here, which is probably a lot different from your current intake.

What effects does it have on the female body?

Ketogenic diet usually yields better results for men than for women. As a result, women think twice before starting this diet. There are some known side effects to this particular diet, and they happen to women for the most part. It has been said that the ketogenic diet can cause disturbances with the female hormones.

These include menstrual irregularities, weight gain in some cases, and other hormone-related problems. But regardless of the side effects, you'll find that many women still stick to this diet because of its often successful results. The solution to these side effects is that they can find themselves supplements that can help overcome these issues. Keto Tone is one of those supplements and designed to stimulate and enhance the ketosis process for shorter periods of time.

Ketosis is what you're in the whole ketogenic diet for. It's the process when the body reached a state of metabolism where ketones are produced in numbers and fat burning is at its best in the body. When the body intake of glucose decreases as a result of the diet, it starts to burn fat instead, and this is how ketones are produced. When the number of ketones in your body increases, this is what is known as ketosis, which will help you lose weight.

Due to the hormonal side effects, in some women, for instance, pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn't resort to the ketogenic diet. Generally speaking, women on this diet should follow a more tweaked version to suit the hormonal differences between women and men.

Generally speaking, the ketogenic diet does much more good than harm to the body. You can much easily control your appetite if you follow this diet, and binge eating will not be as it was with your normal diet. It's also perfect for fat burning and weight loss, which is why most people get into the ketogenic diet in the first place. It has been proven to also combat diabetes and protect from it since it helps control the blood sugar levels in your blood. Then there's the increased mental efficiency and surge of energy you constantly feel when on this diet, which is even why some people with healthy bodies start this diet. So, overall, the benefits of the ketogenic diet are quite good, and they are not only pertaining to weight loss.