LCM Oaty Bubble Bars

LCM Oaty Bubble Bars

LCM Oaty Bubble Bars

LCMs has just launched the new 3.5 health star Oaty Bubble Bars that have 25 per cent less sugar per 100g than LCMs Original bars, as families prepare to get back into the school routine and the inevitable lunchbox packing.

Across the school year in 2017, over 500 million school lunches will be packed in Australia's 2 million plus households (with children aged 0-17).

That's a lot of lunchbox inspiration parents need as they endeavour to make sure that snacks and meals don't come home uneaten, but instead open the school backpack to find an empty lunchbox.

Nutritionist, author and mother Kathleen Alleaume is facing her first school year of lunchboxes with her eldest child. She's looking to apply a bit of her own advice to keep that lunchbox returning home empty each day.

'The ideal lunch box should hold enough food to fulfil a child's energy and nutritional needs while at school and give them enough energy to learn, concentrate and play. For most primary school-aged kids, this means a few portion-controlled snacks, as well as a healthy, varied lunch and water," she said.

Kathleen's top six lunchbox tips:

Involve your child. Encouraging kids to be a part of the preparing, choosing and packing will not only make them more likely to eat it, but may excite them to try something new.

Make it fun. With a little creativity, food can be healthy and fun at the same time. Presenting food in a fun and creative manner also brings a sense of enjoyment to eating.

Make a snack-inspired lunch. Children have small stomachs and prefer to graze, rather than eat fewer, bigger meals. Try making lunch in a -bento box' style that contains smaller portions so that children can eat a wider variety, including different flavours, taste and textures.

Be flexible. Agree to include a treat from time to time, as long as that goody is portion controlled and eaten along with a healthy and balanced meal.

Be practical. Young kids in particular want to eat quickly in order to play, so stuffing around with cumbersome wrappers and large portions will only mean half (if any) gets eaten. Make sure the foods are manageable and easy to eat. Remove unnecessary wrappers and chop and slice food wherever possible.

Plan ahead. Make ahead what you can so you can streamline the packing process (e.g. savoury muffins, frittatas, hard-boiled eggs, chopped fruit and vegetables). Dedicate some time each week to plan and prepare, making it quick and easy for children to choose during the morning rush hour.


The new LCMs Oaty Bubble Bars were tested with Aussie kids who liked them as much as LCMs Original Bars.

The new LCMs Oaty Bubble Bars come in Original Oats and Strawberry & Apple flavours and contain 37% and 33% whole grain oats respectively. Together with their 3.5 health star rating, a source of fibre and no artificial colours or flavours and no preservatives, it's a -treat' you don't have to hide. Not only do kids love the great LCMs taste, but more than eight out of 10 mums surveyed by Kellogg said they would buy LCMs Oaty Bubble Bars for their children.

LCMs Oaty Bubble Bars are available in the muesli bars aisle in Woolworths, Coles and most independent grocery stores.
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