Laura T Davis Make It Till Christmas

Laura T Davis Make It Till Christmas

Written during the drought Australia has been and continues to battle - Laura T Davis' new single, "Make It Till Christmas" - takes on a whole new sentiment following the global events of 2020.

"I wrote this song in the middle of a paddock amid the chaos that surrounded not only the country in my own heart but the heart of my whole country and now the world", says Laura.

"It's about absolute despair and devastation, but ultimately, it's a message of hope ... if we can just Make it Till Christmas, we'll be ok".

Hailing from the sugar cane fields of Northern NSW, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has  recorded "Make It Till Christmas" with renowned producer, Matt Fell at LoveHz Studios.

The song is an observation about the year of 2020 that has continued to bring so much upheaval and devastation around the world.

"Make It Till Christmas" is out now through MGM Distribution.