Claud Gold

Claud Gold

21 year old LA-based artist Claud has revealed their brand new single 'Gold' alongside a characteristically beguiling video, directed by Christina Xing. The single marks the first release on Saddest Factory, the newly launched imprint from Phoebe Bridgers in partnership with Dead Oceans - distributed locally via Inertia

Of 'Gold', Claud paints the most intriguing imagery with their words. "Imagine stepping onto a ship that's moving back 'n forth back 'n forth but perfectly in time. ONE, two, three, four, ONE, two, three, four, ONE… You know you're sinking but at the same time you're mesmerized by the way the ship synchronized itself with the sea. I have never been on a sinking ship in the middle of the sea but I have been in a relationship."

The visual for 'Gold' is based on a creature-assimilated narrative, for which Claud adds, "'Gold' is about contradictions; an instructor attempting to teach a class of monsters proper manners so they can assimilate; a relationship getting so tired and so old that even gold starts to rust (which isn't scientifically possible)."

Originally releasing music as Toast, Claud Mintz's change of recording moniker in early 2019 was quickly followed by a string of remarkably agile self-released pop songs - including the much lauded 'Wish You Were Gay' (which has accumulated 4 million streams since its release), 'Miss You' and 'Never Meant To Call'.

Standing at 5 feet tall with green and turquoise hair (hair colour subject to change), Claud enjoys late night snacks and going to the movies with their friends. Back when touring was a thing, Claud performed live in support of the likes of The Neighbourhood, girl in red, Bleachers and girlpool.

A prolific and industrious talent, 21-year old Claud is fast making a name for themselves as one of the most impressive new artists.