Las Mar Don't Read Everything You Believe

Las Mar Don't Read Everything You Believe

Eclectic Melbourne musician Nick Martyn has finally lifted the veil on his long awaited LP Don't Read Everything You Believe, the artist's second album to be released under his creative guise Las Mar. Funnelling a broad range of influences into a cohesive and singular body of work, Las Mar's sophomore record is his most expansive yet. Don't Read Everything You Believe explores the full range of Martyn's extensive repertoire as a seasoned stalwart amongst the Melbourne music scene through his own distinct voice. 

A post genre tour de force that dares to be different, Don't Read Everything You Believe is influenced equally by experimental electronica as by ethno-musical field recordings or indie rock bands such as Dirty Projectors. From eccentric, hi-energy instrumentals (Killbot Quartz) to psychedelic funk outs (Something That I Know) to tender, singer- songwriter moments (Reason Child), the record somehow maintains a unified concept despite extreme dynamism and multi-varied influences.

For this album Martyn sourced a range of instruments (including a bespoke fretted cello by instrument designer Taylor Crawford) recording them in various bedroom studios across Melbourne from 2016-2019, culminating in nine tracks of wizardry and sonic experimentation like no other. His second full length offering follows on from 2016's Euphemist, fully cementing Las Mar's reputation as a highly unique and adventurous musician, songwriter and producer.

Releasing an album during a pandemic certainly has its fair share of downfalls, yet amidst the boredom, lethargy and isolation of it all, Las Mar has managed to turn these unprecedented times into something we can all hold on to, in his hilarious song and video treat 'Life Plans Cancelled (Melbourne Lockdown Song)', commemorating 100 days of Melbourne's lockdown. If you're in need of a good pick-me-up, this one's for you.

Featuring album favourites; the crunchy 'Sif Ribi', instrumental chiller 'Albino Rhino', psychedelic banger 'Something That I Know', lead single 'Weekend Repair', and funk oddity 'I No Say', Don't Read Everything You Believe showcases Las Mar at his most exceptional, presenting a journey into his DIY recordings of borrowed instruments and microphones, and fusing disparate influences like Sonic Youth, Aphex Twin, Cornelius and Miles Davis into one artistic voice.

Nick has toured with them extensively throughout the US and Europe as a founding member of acclaimed outfit Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes and has worked with some of Australia's most highly regarded musicians such as Gotye, D.D Dumbo, Matt Corby, Nai Palm, Husky and Barney McAll. From his first release, Las Mar has continued to forge a completely singular sound, funnelling post-rock epicness, Afrobeat funkiness, twisted beats and general trippiness into songs you can hold on to and live improvisations you wish you could bottle up for a rainy day.