Larsen Yours Sincerely

Larsen Yours Sincerely

Larsen just released their explosive new alt-rock single 'Yours Sincerely' (released Nov 20) and are now following it up with the light-hearted, comical music video.

The music video features cameos from members of Adelaide bands such as Teenage Joans, Young Offenders, Paper Sunsets, Indiago, Ruskus, AGAPANTHER and Down & Out.

Although Larsen do take their music seriously – 'Yours Sincerely' draws on themes of uncertainty, fear and anxiety – the band have a tendency to approach their music videos in a less serious manner. 

For this clip, before the song starts, the band brutally kick the singer Liam out of the band while he's still in bed - "I'd say all the best, but I wouldn't mean it".

They then hold auditions for a new, look-a-like singer. Liam, amongst a heap of members from previously listed Adelaide bands, joins the cut-throat audition process held by the band. 

Larsen do well to create an amusing video that pokes fun at the seriousness of bands but do so tastefully making it welcomed pairing with their fierce, emotional and dynamic alt-rock approach. 

'Yours Sincerely' is out now and has already received praise via theMusic, AAA Backstage, Heavy Mag, Radio Adelaide and more.