Kora Naughton Lap Around the Sun

Kora Naughton Lap Around the Sun

"We just wrapped up a year that has been filled with more struggles than most, the one thing we held on to was the promise of a new slate when January 1st rolled around. And while none of us truly know what 2021 has in store, the best thing any of us can do is look forward to better times and make the most out of every moment that our next Lap Around the Sun brings us.

This seems like a bit of a cliché to say this song wrote itself, but from the moment I started writing 'Lap Around the Sun', everything just came to me so easily and seemed to flow exactly the way I wanted it to. When I finished it and looked back at the song I created, it screamed optimism, and I thought that it might just be what a lot of people need to hear as we come out the other side of 2020. This song, more than anything else, is a song about hope. 

It was so exciting to hear this song brought to life by Matt Fell. He encapsulated so much energy, fun and happiness in the production and turned 'Lap Around the Sun', into the New Years celebration anthem that it is!

To all at radio, media, my fellow artists and everyone in the music industry – a big thank you for your support. I wish you my best for your next Lap Around the Sun!"