Katie Carpenter and Kendra Carelli Maid to Order Season 2 Interview

Katie Carpenter and Kendra Carelli Maid to Order Season 2 Interview

Katie Carpenter and Kendra Carelli Maid to Order Season 2 Interview

Actresses Katie Carpenter and Kendra Carelli tells us about -Maid to Order,' the popular webseries which has kicked off its second season on fantasymaids4u.com.

Season 2 continues the story of two clueless roommates who start a fantasy maid service only to discover fantasy is just as hard to manage as reality. This time around, Margot (Carpenter) must maneuver urban Atlanta on her own, as June (Kendra Carelli) faces her own obstacles in Los Angeles.

Interview with Katie Carpenter and Kendra Carelli

Question: How hard is it to make it as an actress in Hollywood?

Katie Carpenter: I don't technically live in Hollywood, I live in Atlanta... some might say we're the new Hollywood! It is super competitive - however, if you're focused, professional, and constantly learning, things will happen for you... it just takes time.

Kendra Carelli: Well, are you generally a lucky person? My response will depend on the answer to that question (laughs)! It depends on the individual, at the end of the day; we each have our own path. So all you can do is work as hard as you can, do your best, and enjoy the process.

Question: And does the webseries offer any dos or don't dos when it comes to trying to succeed there?

Katie Carpenter: The webseries basically encourages you to live your own life outside of the industry. I remember when I got that tip from a Casting Director and I was like... 'hold on.. wtf?" But - I get it a whole lot more now. Being able to bring a full character onscreen means you have to have a full character in life. Enrich yourself. Also - the webseries encourages creativity.

Kendra Carelli: I think creating your own content in today's industry is vital to success. Also the entertainment industry is veering further and further towards streaming. Accessibility is easier than ever in today's world, so when you have platform that make it easy to display your work to larger audiences, why not use that opportunity?

Question: The series is based on your own life – has anything been fluffed for entertainment's sake?

Katie Carpenter: It is based on my life as a struggling actress looking for gigs on Craigslist. However I didn't actually go to strangers' houses to clean, I went there to act. I didn't have the courage to be an actual fantasy maid, so I created someone who would.

Question: What's the benefit of doing a webseries over a normal series or indie feature?

Katie Carpenter: We still all work full time jobs, and this allows us a greater sense of flexibility. It also lets us tweak and modify as we go - we've gotten stronger in a lot of aspects of production just by doing.

Kendra Carelli: Web series are shorter in length/duration, and typically costs significantly less than an episodic or indie. Think about it like a way to show your work to larger production companies without breaking the bank. The main goal of most webseries is to find a tone to show a network or streaming service. Then the company can decide if that series will fit in with their brand. Speaking of which, a person I know just got her web-series picked up by Comedy Central, so you never know what can happen.

Question: Has Maid to Order opened doors for you?

Katie Carpenter: Absolutely. I was actually called in to a casting director's office who I'd never auditioned for before. Her assistants watched the show and loved it; they brought me in, and I actually ended up booking the role in a studio film.

It's also brought me a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities. We move pretty quick while shooting so we've really had to be on top of our game. I've learned where my strengths are and what makes me unique, which I think is awesome for any actor to know.