Katrina Burgoyne White Flag Interview

Katrina Burgoyne White Flag Interview

Katrina Burgoyne White Flag Interview

The highly anticipated debut album release from 22-yearold singer songwriter Katrina Burgoyne is here. White Flag, the full-length release following hot on the heels of the success of her debut single Ghost. The haunting single Ghost put Katrina on the musical map, earning her a Top 10 spot on the country charts and securing her a win for 'Best Video Clip' at the Australian Country Music People's Choice Awards.

The second single from White Flag is I Wasn't Gonna Cry and it hits the airwaves just in time for the autumn release and demonstrates the versatility of this award winner. Written with Matt Scullion (co-writer of Lee Kernaghan's hit 'Dirt'), I Wasn't Gonna Cry is inspired by the moment that starts a domino effect of a bad day. Yet unlike her deeply haunting Ghost, I Wasn't Gonna Cry highlights that Katrina is one of those artists who can turn her vocals - and songwriting nuance - to any style of genre.

Already an accomplished award winning songwriter, APRA Professional Development Award winner Katrina has combined a platter of hits and her finest crafted songs to create an awe-inspiring album for a debut release. It's difficult to image that White Flag is Katrina's first album, and that she only released her first single into the marketplace less than a year ago. White Flag is a purely independent release so even the finishing touches are courtesy of Katrina's talent, and it is perhaps this independence and musical confidence that has attracted the interest of music industry luminaries. She's already toured as support for Kasey Chambers, and recorded the album under the experienced eyes of Bill Chambers - putting her securely in a position that many of her peers can only dream of.

White Flag is the quintessential release for all music fans. It isn't country, nor is it folk or pop, but a soft meld of genres that means each song is captivating, catchy and showcases a phenomenal voice.

There is something on White Flag to appeal to all ages, from the seasoned music connoisseur, to those just discovering their musical tastes, and needing a role model to look up to. Katrina shows that hard work and passion really do go all the way to making something a success, and if the start of her career is anything to go by, Katrina Burgoyne is going to be the name on people's lips for years to come.

White Flag is now available through WJO. For more information please see: www.katrinaburgoyne.com

Interview with Katrina Burgoyne

Question: How did it feel to hear your song played all over the airwaves?

Katrina Burgoyne: As I've just released my second single "I Wasn't Gonna Cry" the thrill and excitement of hearing my own song on the radio is still fresh and exciting to me. My first single "Ghost" went really well on country music radio and climbed to number ten on the Country Music Channel. This summer I've had the biggest smile plastered on my face.

Question: Did you have any pre-conceived ideas about the music industry?

Katrina Burgoyne: I guess as a young girl I thought the music industry was all glitz and glam, as I dive deeper into this business I realised its almost like nothing I ever imagined. However I don't regret entering a career in the industry because I've discovered I love every facet. From bookkeeping to recording my debut album "White Flag", I feel really lucky to be apart of it all.

Question: Do you write your own songs? What's your inspiration?

Katrina Burgoyne: Songwriting is my favourite thing to do in the whole world. I feel really proud that all 11 tracks on my album are my own. Sometimes my inspiration comes from the strangest places. My first single "Ghost" is about my fear of the unknown. I have songs on my album about the worst day I've ever had (I Wasn't Gonna Cry). My belief that no matter the obstacles you can achieve anything your heart desires (White Flag). My strong passion to help raise awareness of depression and suicide (Too Late For Sorry), Then there is always the other hundred songs about boys (You Messed Up, Wrecking Ball, I Don't Know, Just A Boy).

Question: What music/artists do you listen to when you are not playing your own?

Katrina Burgoyne: Currently in my CD player I am listening to singer songwriters Jonatha Brook, Joni Mitchell, Keb Mo' and Ryan Adams. However I love all kinds of music from top 40 pop to folk. However, for me there is nothing more homely then putting on a great country album.

Question: What's next? Tour/Album/Single?

Katrina Burgoyne: My debut album "White Flag" will be available at all major retail stores March 10 and will be exclusive to Bigpond Music (Australia). The rest of the world can purchase on itunes or via my website www.katrinaburgoyne.com

I'm performing at a lot of great country music festivals this year and am currently working on a promo tour and in store run of shows. I love doing these as I get to connect with my fans, facebook supporters and make new friends along the way.

Jump onto my website for upcoming shows: www.katrinaburgoyne.com

Question: Was there a moment you contemplated throwing in the towel?

Katrina Burgoyne: I've had a lot of heart breaking experiences; it's sometimes hard to not take things personally. On the release of my debut single "Ghost" I called someone who I have a lot of respect for and trust their opinion, they couldn't believe I would release such a daring song like "Ghost" as my debut. I also received many emails telling me all the reasons why "Ghost" wasn't "hit" material and that I had made a huge mistake. I was devastated! After days of feeling sick with worry and questioning my talent and ability I then remembered why I chose to release that song. Because its daring and its different from anything else on radio. That minor set back and heartache become the driving force for me to prove those people wrong. Ghost became a top 20 radio hit and Top 10 hit on CMC. The video clip was played on ABC rage and received a phenomenal response on you tube. I did feel if there was ever a time to give up it would have been then. However I'm so lucky to have a strong support base. My mum, brother and fiancé really believe in me and pick me up from broken pieces when I stop believing.

Question: Do you prefer performing live or recording?

Katrina Burgoyne: I love being cheeky when I'm performing and I love spending time with my supporters and making them feel special and important. But I must say recording and seeing my songs come to life is truly an amazing experience. I honestly can't choose between them both.

Question: What/who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?

Katrina Burgoyne: Growing up in a musical family I must say both of my grandfathers are very special and inspiring to me. My country music singing poppy is very proud of me. When I was 11 years old I loved Shania Twain and started learning the guitar to play her songs. However music made sense to me when I heard Kasey Chambers debut album "The Captain". Since then I've been writing songs and discovering my own sound.

Question: What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

Katrina Burgoyne: Finance, as an independent artist I fund everything myself. It's a daunting thing to dive head first spending every cent you make on a risk. My friends from school are now buying houses and are securing there future. However I really believe in this album and could never regret this investment.

Question: What's a typical day like?

Katrina Burgoyne: My day is normally spent in my office on the computer or my phone. Emailing, following up and finding opportunities, I love bookkeeping and building websites. If I run out of things to do in the day I then demo some new songs. Normally at night I kick into songwriting mode so I could be up till all hours of the morning writing, I love my life.

Question: What has been your favourite part of becoming a music artist?

Katrina Burgoyne: I get a real buzz out of meeting my supporters. I love getting to know my fans a little better at gigs and over social networks. I've learnt that one persons kindness and time can make someone's day, month or even their year. People make a great effort to come to my shows or learn the lyrics of my songs I feel the least I can do is give them my time and attention. I really appreciate my supporters and like to make them feel special… because they are!

Question: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Katrina Burgoyne: I would have to say Patty Griffin, I love Patty's work. I think I could learn a lot from her.

Question: Are you single? What do you look for in a partner?

Katrina Burgoyne: I recently got engaged to my partner of 5 years Michael Muchow. He also produced my album "White Flag". I grew up in a broken family, my mother taught my how important it is to be an independent women. To be planning a wedding at 22 years old was never my plan or encouraged in my upbringing, however I think when you find that one exception you shouldn't let it go.

I feel the most important thing to look for in a partner is finding a best friend and someone that compliments you. If you can enjoy their company and share each others sense of humour I think your onto something really special.

Question: Do you have a website fans can visit?

Katrina Burgoyne: Yes, I would love for you to visit my site www.katrinaburgoyne.com sharing all my latest news, videos and lots of other groovy stuff. You can join the forum or leave a comment. I've also got some funky t-shirts, vintage buttons and other cool merchandise available online too.

Question: Can you tell us 5 things required for a happy healthy & enjoyable life?

Katrina Burgoyne: Love your work
Laugh a lot
Don't be afraid to dream big
Surround yourself with people that support and believe in you.
Eat healthy and exercise

Question: What message would you like to say to your fans?

Katrina Burgoyne: YOU ROCK & I LOVE YOU!
I hope my music inspires you, comforts you, encourages you and brings joy to you day just as you bring joy to mine. Thank you for all your support, you make my world spin.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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