Journey to Rainbow Island

Journey to Rainbow Island

Journey to Rainbow Island

Yu-ning thinks her perfect life on Rainbow Island will never end"until a nasty dragon called the Obsidigon returns from beyond the grave. Now her beloved island is in flames, her best friend has been kidnapped, and the island's Sacred Crystals have been stolen. To make matters worse, she must venture into the dark corners of the world to uncover secrets best ignored, find a weapon thought long destroyed, and recapture seven sacred stones"without being burned to a crisp by a very angry dragon.

With the help of her master teacher, Metatron, Yu-ning embarks on a dangerous journey to overcome not only the darkness attacking her home, but also the scars of sadness that mark her own heart. And while most people just see a normal kid, Metatron"and a few other unlikely allies"pledge their lives to the dark-eyed little girl with a magic bow and a crooked grin.

No stranger to the entertainment world, as CEO of Serenity Media Group, Christie Hsiao has created high quality film, television and digital media projects – so of course a novel was the next challenge to conquer.

Journey to Rainbow Island
Author: Christie Hsiao

Interview with Christie Hsiao

Question: What inspired the idea behind Journey to Rainbow Island?

Christie Hsiao: I want to have everyone return to their innocence because it is the basis of all good thing including beauty, love and happiness.

Question: What was the best thing about creating the character of Yu-ning?

Christie Hsiao: I see Yu ning in myself at times. She and I have fear and doubt like everyone else, but somehow we overcome the challenges.

Question: How does Journey to Rainbow Island inspire readers to overcome adversity and work together as a team?

Christie Hsiao: Readers can see by the example of all the children in the story how they all come together to work as one. This in turn teaches adults through their purity and innocence.

Question: How does it feel to have your book Journey to Rainbow Island being adapted as a video game and a movie?

Christie Hsiao: It's very exciting! I'm thrilled! The video game is out! Now the audio book is next coming out soon, and the film is in the works! I'm so very grateful that I can share my vision and this positive content with the world.

Question: Who do you have in mind to play the character of Yu-ning?

Christie Hsiao: It's a secret...maybe when you become my best friend I'll share it with you.

Interview by Brooke Hunter