Even Better!

Even Better!

Even Better!

It doesn't matter if you are playing a football or basketball game, parenting a family, governing a country, putting together a business proposal or driving a delivery truck. You are part of a team.

A team is two or more people that come together to do something that they can't do as well alone. We are all on many teams and we all want to win.

Even Better! is a leadership model for team building taken from the world of sports: developed after years of research with the nations most successful coaches, both men and women from 11 different sports at all levels of competition, from age-group children to professional athletes.

Over the next two decades, this model was refined and confirmed by business and government leaders and endorsed by parents.

'I believe that everyone that reads Even Better! will find at least one idea that will change their life," Ballester says. 'Our entire lives are spent looking for answers that we hope will guide us to become even better at everything we do: with our children, with our parents with our partners and with the members of our work teams. I wrote Even Better! to provide you with many of these answers."

In Even Better!, you will learn The Nine Principles of Winning Teams used by all successful teams and you will learn how to:
Apply the successful techniques used by many proven leaders.
Become more efficient at solving all of life's problems
Improve the way you communicate with others (most teams' biggest challenge)
Recognise and overcome personal shortcomings to become a highly effective leader

Great leaders are not born, great leaders learn the necessary skills that create and maintain their winning teams. Do you want to become an effective leader?

Even Better! takes a unique, nontraditional approach with many original insights to help you move beyond ordinary to become extra-ordinary.

Bill Ballester is one of the most effective coaches in the country. He has made the transition from university professor and one of the nation's premier men's gymnastics coaches to a nationally known speaker, author, and leader in the field of team building. Whether, working with a profit-oriented business or a federal government agency, or sharing his thoughts with committed parents, Bill brings the same enthusiasm and intensity that earned him Hall of fame honors, and a lifetime winning percentage of 88-percent as a gymnastics coach.

Even Better!
Author: Bill Ballester
ISBN: 9781475972962
RRP: $16.95