Joel Evan Interview

Joel Evan Interview

Joel Evan Interview

Joel Evan formerly known as Jet Kanishi has evolved, from folk pop singer to Depeche Mode influenced 80's dance with his current hit single "Storm." His mission? To become the next dance floor divo, bring him his bottled water!

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Question: What started your singing career?

Joel Evan: When I was in college I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and one day when I was sitting at my desk studying I leaned back and closed my eyes and said: What the Hell do I want to do when I grow up?

I was so confused and the voice in my head said I should sing and it went from there.

Question: How many voices are in there? One I hope.

Joel Evan: Yes (laughs) just the one.

Question: Your voice is reminiscent of Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode). Is this on purpose or are you working with what ya got?

Joel Evan: It's what came out when I took voice lessons, I learned that I was naturally a baritone.

Question: It's refreshing to hear a gay guy not trying to go the typical dance/pop route. Do you like 80's music?

Joel Evan: I'm a big Roxette fan ! Depeche Mode & The Human League are great too!

Question: So, when does fantasy become reality for Joel Evan?

Joel Evan: My life has been very sheltered and isolated, so when it comes to writing songs I don't really write about experience, I write about things that I fantasize about. Sometimes the fantasies do feel real, it's kind of creepy (laughs)

Question: Interesting most people write about things based on their personal experiences. Other than your imagination what else do you draw on to write songs?

Joel Evan: Everything, everywhere around me.

Question: Rumor has it you majored in Japanese.

Joel Evan: You got it.

Question: The language actually formed the basis for your first stage name: Jet Kanishi, why are you now, going by your first and middle name?

Joel Evan: Mainly because nobody could pronounce Kanishi (Ka-ni-shi) and I was getting sick of it. Also I wanted to be a little more down to earth, I felt like I was putting myself too much on a pedestal with that name.

Question: That's what I would think if I saw that name right off. So let's chat some about your nude modeling career, was it a way to make some extra money for you?

Joel Evan: No I wanted to model and that was what was offered. The funny thing is I didn't think it was wrong or incorrect, the thought never occurred to me while I was doing it. It wasn't until I started writing and releasing music, and people started writing about me that I realized: Oh no, people don't like you to take your clothes off.

Question: Really? I think that has changed.

Joel Evan: To me it felt very normal. To this day when I am singing up on stage I want to wear as little as possible. Tons of clothes make me feel hot and uncomfortable. You've got to feel free in the breeze (laughs).

Question: Let's talk your current CD single "Storm" what do those lyrics mean to you?

Joel Evan: When I first wrote the song I saw it on the surface level, and I thought: Why am I protecting people from the rain? (laughs) Then I realized "Storm" is a metaphor for all the shit in life, and I will save you from it, let me be your savior.

Question: Does Joel Evan have a savior?

Joel Evan: There are so many.

Question: Name one.

Joel Evan: My favorite writer is Deepak Chopra. I really love how he interprets the world.

Question: Nice! What is coming up after the "Storm"?

Joel Evan: I really want to make my 3rd album, I am totally ready to do it. Dance music is really appealing to me right now, before I was doing folk pop. I always wanted to do pop music because my musical heroes are pop singers. I want to be that big larger than life diva with costumes and dancers ! Fuck off I asked for bottled water ! (laughs)

Question: Who do you think you are, Victoria Beckham?! (laughs)

Joel Evan: I love the Spice Girls! I want really tall platform boots too! (laughs)

Question: What about David?

Joel Evan: That works (laughs)

Question: Alright Joel, the million dollar question, are you single?

Joel Evan: There is someone, who is interested…

Question: A stalker?! (laughs)

Joel Evan: No nothing like that (laughs) it is more like a friends with benefits type thing.

Question: Those friends are the best!

Joel Evan: They are!

Interview by Michael Shinafelt