Jess Macc Win Some, Lose Some

Jess Macc Win Some, Lose Some

Jess Macc has come home to Sydney after having lived in Los Angeles for the past 8 years, where she worked as a photographer in fashion, sports and music; whilst also lending her talents to non-profit organisations. (Some photography work on Instagram: @maccstagram)
After being away for such a long time, Jess longed to get back to her roots and decided the time was right to return to Australia to continue her work as an artist.
Photography and music have both always been a love of hers and she was all too ready to take a deep-dive into studio-life with producer Daniel Natoli. "There's absolutely nothing like returning home after being away for so long and jumping into the studio with a dream producer." - Jess Macc

The first single to be released, WIN SOME, LOSE SOME, isn't a love song; it's a melodic and heart-wrenching adaptation of a messy situation – an addiction. A repeat offence that's too good to give up, but that isn't enough to keep either. You can't win them all.


"We are the game I played
To get me through the day
I didn't think that I would wanna stay" 


While the singer-songwriter's musical tastes encompass many different genres, she credits much of the influence on her style to her travels and the adventures that photography has taken her on.

The Win Some, Lose Some music video will blow your mind with some seriously tasty visual-candy. Set in a retro-style loft apartment in downtown Los Angeles, Macc takes us on a lyrical journey of hurt and frustration, while telling the story in an aesthetically captivating array of vintage-inspired looks. Playing a beautiful bright-white Gretsch guitar, Jess goes from the couch to the bed and finally to the ground – charismatically locking eyes with the camera, ensuring you cannot look away, not even for a second.
Before the project even got off the ground, Jess, a strong advocate of gender equality, knew she wanted to work with an all-female production crew and that's exactly what she did when choosing badass industry pros, Rachel Bickert (cinematographer) and Lauren Meyering (director).

Jess is known for saying what she means and meaning what she says. So it probably won't come as all that big of a shock when you feel it flowing through her music too, and that's also the key to what makes this new track super refreshing. So take a listen and give her a follow. You won't regret it. 

"There's no fixing what you did to me, 
I still smell whiskey and feel you kiss my knee.."